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The Ups and Downs of One Life to Live

Written 6/8/03 by Suzanne originally for Bella Online

One Life to Live has improved a lot this year. The stories are more exciting and, frankly, make more sense. A lot of interesting characters have been brought back or have been brought into the front. Some deadwood (Sami, Liz and Keri) has been cut away and thing runs more smoothly.

Not that the show is perfect. The recent episode where five women were held hostage is a good example. Many of the scenes were fantastic when showing how each of the characters—Nora, Flash, Marcie, Natalie & Carlotta—dealt with the situation. It was fascinating to watch each reveal personal stories about motherhood as Nora tried to get the bad guy, Cole, to remember his mother and give up his gun.

What went wrong: Troy inexplicably came in to deal with Carlotta's heart attack. Why would the police department put another civilian in danger? Surely they must have a cop with medical experience for situations like these. Even a paramedic would make more sense than a doctor from the hospital. Troy was pretty useless anyway. He gave Cole some drug that was supposed to knock him out, but instead it did nothing. Troy is leaving the show so it would have been better if he had been killed while trying to rescue the women, and thus earning Nora's eternal forgiveness.

After the hostages were let go, did we really need to see he and Antonio fighting? It was so anti-climatic at that point. It would have been greater if Natalie had saved the day when she hit him on the head (why is it that people on TV only hit the bad guy ONCE and then don't immediately tie him up, run for help, or hit him again?) For once it would have been nice to see a woman save the day instead of a man.

I've heard other fans complain that the show has been too violent (I don't think it's any more violent than GH, but perhaps that's a bad example), or that it's become the Mitch Lawrence Show.

Soaps are struggling right now for ratings and the networks want faster stories that appeal to younger people. That means more “action”, and on TV, action usually means violence. It did seem like OLTL killed off a lot of people in a short time, but Victor was already thought to be dead for years, Sam and Liz were very boring, and we know that Keri and her baby didn't really die. That pales in comparison to Faith's multiple homicides and attempted homicides on GH, I think (not even counting all of the times Zander gets beat up, someone blows up something, or Jason shoots someone).

It's true that Mitch has become the center of the show, in a way. Really he's become a common enemy. That gives all of the characters a common story, drawing them all in together. It brought Dorian back, and that in itself is a good enough reason to put up with Mitch (personally I love Roscoe Born). My only complaint is, it would have been nice to see Mitch show more of his human side this time around, since he has Jessica and Walker. Now that Mitch seems to be going over the edge mentally, maybe he'll wind up in St. Anne's next to Lindsay! Or perhaps he has DID like Viki, so she'll have to feel sorry for him and excuse him for everything he's done (after all, one of her alters “killed” Victor and burned down Llanfair, yet she didn't go to jail). Wouldn't that be a hoot?

I applaud the show for cutting some actors and concentrating on the Cramers and Buchanans. But I don't like to see Troy leave (isn't he the only doctor in town? Will we get to see Larry again?) and I'm concerned that Max and Hank are being taken off-contract. I've always liked both characters. If Hank goes, where does that leave R.J. If Max goes, what about Al and Gabrielle? I'm already worried that Bo and Nora will reunited, leaving poor Gabi alone. With no Max to turn to, will they just writer her out? I sure hope not. I will grant you that Troy and Hank can be “boring” because they are such good guys most of the time. Hank has always been very straight-laced, but they could write him more interesting by having him have a mid-life crisis or develop a drinking problem. Troy has already shown himself to be flawed, so he is not always such a good guy. He needed another bizarre love interest like Lindsay (but with fewer mental problems).

Well, I will wait and see how it all turns out…

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