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Murder in Llanview by Melissa M.
(May, 2003)

(Recap of the murder events)

Diagnosis: Murder

It's always the same beginning; villain storms into town, terrorize the citizens with unspeakable acts of horror, then gets whacked- that's when the police begin the extensive search for the killer. Not that anyone actually cares who did it, they just need to seal the whodunit mystery.

Still, things are different with this whodunit. Until One Life To Live's last (Colin's murder) shot at the oldest way to write off a hated character, this one has the whole town on the list of suspects. The usual list of suspects, and the not so usual one, both combine in twists and turns as the case seems to be reaching it's end.

Here are the prime suspects, the motives, and the clues- who could have killed Mitch Laurence?

Murder, You Know

Suspect: Jessica (Buchanan) Laurence- Mitch's daughter as a result of a rape. She hated him but temporarily changed her feeling when she caused him to become blind. Her tone shifted again when he kidnapped her.

Motive: Her father traumatized her.

Clues: No so far, but Jessica has confirmed she was on the pier that night. This week she even confessed to boyfriend hopeful and cop Antonio Vega that she killed Mitch.  Could Jessica have really killed her own father for all he's done to her?

Suspect: Walker Laurence- Mitch's lost brother which he though was dead. At first Walker believed every word Mitch spoke then wised up when the police told him of his brother's crimes.

Motive: Disillusion in his brother. Or maybe it was the fact that Mitch tried to kill him, twice.

Clues: Walker has seemed to be the night in shinning armor. He cleared Dorian of charges and now Jessica's begging for his help. He confessed to Dorian and Blair that he offed his brother. Is he making sure the non-guilty don't pay because his conscience is bothering him or is trying to save someone else? 

Suspect: Dorian Lord Laurence- Mitch's Wife. Though she only married him for the stolen Lord money, and to agitate Viki, she (,Jessica, Blair and Lindsey) tried to kill Mitch once without success. Could she have been more successful the second time around?

Motive: Is the fact that she hates him not enough? Maybe it's the fact that she can't be committed for Mitch's murder again, Double Jeopardy is a beautiful thing.

Clues: Syringes where found in the garbage can of Dorian's residence, the type used to drug Mitch, and a rare-type of bottled water was in her room, the kind used to poison Mitch with arsenic. Could Dorian's scorn for her ex-husband have driven her to kill him, this time for real?

Suspect: Blair Kramer Manning- She's nothing of Mitch's, but he's had tormenting her.

Motive: She believes Mitch is responsible for the disappearance of her ex-husband Todd, not to mention the fact that he kidnapped her and tried to have her killed.

Clues: A mysterious feather, exactly like the one that was on a mask Mitch was wearing, was found in her purse. Could sweet Blair have bumped off the man who‘s caused her so much pain?

Suspect: Lindsay Rappaport- She's nothing of Mitch's either, but he did help her go off the deep end.

Motive: He had a hand in her killing her ex-husband Sam Rappaport and driving her insane. She also helped Dorian, Blair and Jessica try to kill him once. Is she crazy enough to kill again?

Clue: Lindsay's scarf was found on the docks, and even though we know she was doing the nasty with Troy during the time Mitch was supposedly murdered , we aren't sure she is completely without blame. After all, he drove her into St. Anne's for psychiatric treatment and tried to kill her.

Though both Walker and Jessica confessed to those they trust most they killed Mitch, the truth has yet to be revealed, the mystery is not quite done yet. Promos suggest that maybe neither is lying or telling the truth of what happened that night. Maybe they did it together? My money's on that possibility that they both did it.

What do you think? Who do you think killed Mitch Laurence? Tune into to One Life To Live this week to find out whodunit.

-Melissa M.

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