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OLTL Ends on Friday the 13th of January 2012
by Tess

OLTL opens the final hour with the voice of Allison Perkins narrating the entire hour as she reads from the final draft of her book, "One Life To Live."

Kudos to the writers, directors, producers and actors. I've seen a few last episodes for daytime dramas and this was, by far, the best yet. I truly hope I never have to see another.

In the final weeks of the show, the soap within a soap theme was distracting. OLTL families yelled, cried, demanded, boycotted and pleaded with producers of "Fraternity Row," to keep the show on the air. To their chagrin, the show ended.

In the final episode we witnessed the at-home birth of Drew, Destiny and Matthew's child. Nice shout out to Bo's cop son who was shot dead in 1998.

Fans got what they wanted, a happy ending for Starr and her friends and a reconnection between former loves, Viki and Clint, John and Natalie, Blair and Todd and new loves Matthew, Destiny and the newest heir to the Buchanan empire, Drew.

I like how the show wrapped up with actual scenes with the characters instead of reliving historical stuff in the way of showing clips of past stuff. Nice touch to have a giant prison break to bring back some who we love to hate: Lindsay, Mitch, Allison, Troy, that stupid Hannah, and Cole.

It was nice to find that Jessica was indeed, Clint's daughter! Brody is released from the mental institute and visits Jessica to pay his respects to Ford. Brody is a true gentleman. Though sad that Jessica didn't get to end with a love interest.

Todd gets arrested by McBain and Cole reunites with best friends Starr, Markko and Langston.

Finally, "One Life To Live" wraps up with the final scene to reveal Allison Perkins, long-time crazy follower of Mitch Laurence, and narrator of the entire hour, who was reading about the lives of beloved Llanview, PA families (from her perspective), to a bound and gagged VICTOR LORD.

I do not understand how, from prison, Allison would end up with Victor Lord, Jr. as her prisoner or could (for what reason) manage to have him shot, dragged to wherever, and tied to a bed while she was in prison. Doesn't make sense to me but still a cool ending.

Something I loved about OLTL these past few years was the focus they had on the teen scene. NO soaps have done that, having so many teen story lines that lasted as long as the adult story lines. It was gutsy but it worked.

Seriously, there was such good, recent focus on the teens of Llanview families (with great storylines) that they could create "OLTL: The Next Generation" and, if introduced properly, would be a success.

The show ended up with enough next generation teens, from enough of the known families to make it work. The show could focus on the Manning/Saybrooke families and Buchanan/Evans families. We have Starr and Cole's baby, Hope, who would be the first of the next, next generation and Destiny and Matthew's newborn son Drew. I would love to watch them grow up together. Me, I'm a dreamer from way back and would love to write that story.

I have been watching this story since 1978 and am devastated to not see it in my line-up for recordings. Though, I am grateful to hear that some of our OLTL characters will cross over to GH to continue their story starting this month, so stay tuned.

I cannot express how much I will miss "One Life To Live."

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