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Why Soaps Are So Bad 10/22/10
Why Brothers & Sisters is Such a Good Soap 10/29/10
Supernatural Soaps Like Vampire Diaries 11/4/10
Why Mad Men Is So Popular 12/31/10
Why Soaps Are Being Canceled 4/17/11
Poor Dead Babies 6/10/11
Original Ideas Needed! 12/3/13
Soaps Need to Keep Up 1/17/07
Soap Recasting 4/26/06
Soap Addiction 3/20/02
No More Teens! 1/9/03
ABC Soaps 2/22/03
ABC Fan February 2/27/03
What's Going On With My Soaps!  7/25/03
ABC Soap Fashion 10/5/03
Soap Budgets and The Stars 10/5/03
Too Much Violence On The Soaps Part 1 10/27/03
Too Much Violence On The Soaps Part 2 10/27/03
Soap Opera Presents 12/014/03
My New Year's Resolutions For Soaps 1/5/04
Women Make Better Soap Opera Writers 1/6/04
Still In Shock 4/4/04
What Makes A Soap Great 4/4/04
Old Stars Are New Again 4/4/04
Days of Our Lives and Passions 5/4/04
You Can Really Make a Difference 5/4/04
Some Thoughts On The Soaps 6/20/04
Scheming Patriarchs Of The Soaps 7/17/04
The Nine Soaps In Order of How Good They Are 9/23/04

Interview with Richard Shapiro, creator of "Dynasty" 1/23/11
Catching Up with Louise Shaffer (Rae Woodard, Ryan's Hope) by Laurie Flesch

Stephen Martines of primetime soap "Monarch Cove" (formerly of GH and GL) interviewed
Charles Divins (Chad, Passions) interviewed

  • Soap Publicist Tommy Garrett's Hollywood Happenings in the Television World

Thom Bierdz Receives Human Rights Award 9/16/09
Exclusive Interview With Lauralee Bell, AKA Superwoman 6/7/09
The Talented Mr. McCouch 3/30/09
Jack Wagner, The Actor, The Man, The Giant 3/30/09
For Your Daytime Consideration 3/19/09
All Grown Up And Returning Home, Bryan Genesse 3/19/09
Independent Film Maker Makes His Debut In Beverly Hills 3/19/09
Patricia Crowley Plans To Write Tell All  3/19/09
Mona-Vie Has Taken Hollywood by Storm 12/16/07
11/29/07  Hollywood's Holiday Season
"Life in Entertainment" Column:

Other daytime articles:  AMC, ATWT, B&B, Days, GH, GL, OLTL, Passions, PC, and Y&R.

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