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Guiding Light Timeline

Timelines By Elizabeth


January 4, 05 Jonathan Randall drugs Cassie Winslow.

January 4, 05 Danny Santos is imprisoned by Sebastian Hulce.

January 7, 05 Edmund and Cassie Winslow are married.

January 7, 05 Jonathan Randall falls down a set of stairs at Towers.

January 10,05 Tony Santos, Danny Santos, Michelle Santos and Holly Reade escape from a villa in Santo Domingo.  

January 11, 05 Holly Reade pushes Sebastian Hulce out of a moving plane.

January 28, 05 Reva Lewis and Jonathan Randall are caught breaking into a record store.

January 31, 05 Lizzie Spaulding claims that Gus Aitoro attacked her.

February 4, 05 Jonathan Randall destroys his mother's car in a fit of rage.

February, 7, 05 Coop Bradshaw breaks into the Spaulding Mansion.

February 11, 05 Coop Bradshaw locks Lizzie Spaulding in a potting shed.

February 15, 05 Edmund Winslow and Jonathan Randall get into a fight.

March 7, 05 Gus Aitoro holds a gun to Alan's head.

March 28, 05 Harley Cooper is convicted of murdering Phillip Spaulding.

March 30, 05 Edmund Winslow stops a plane carrying Dinah Marler out of town.

April 4, 05 "Nate Hoffer" first appears in Springfield.

April 8, 05 Harley Cooper goes to Valesburg Prison.

April 12, 05 Gus Aitoro punches Bill Lewis.

April 19, 05 Frank Cooper punches Gus Aitoro.

April 25, 05 Vanessa Chamberlain returns to town.

April 27, 05 Vanessa Chamberlain leaves Springfield.

April 28, 05 Tony Santos dies.

May 6, 05 Gus Aitoro steals a uniform from a prison guard. He then sneaks into Valesburg State Penitentiary

May 20, 05 Emma Spencer Spaulding is kidnapped.

May 26, 05 Harley Cooper escapes jail.

June 2005 Jonathan Randall embezzles money from Lewis Construction for his father.

June 17, 05 Sebastian Hulce is ordered to kill Dr. Wallace.

June 20, 05 Sebastian Hulce attempts to kill Harley Cooper, Gus Aitoro and Dr. Wallace.

June 23, 05 Dr. Wallace dies by lethal injection.

July 11, 05 Alan Spaulding pulls a gun on Harley Cooper and Gus Aitoro.

July 12, 05 Sebastian Hulce gets Alan Spaulding out of jail.

July 13, 05 Alan Spaulding and Sebastian Hulce get into a fight.

July 20, 05 Lizzie Spaulding is kidnapped.

July 20, 05 Sebastian Hulce leaves town.

July 22, 05 Alan Spaulding confesses to shooting his son, Phillip.

July 22, 05 Viewers find out that Phillip Spaulding is really alive.

July 28, 05 Lizzie Spaulding moves out of the mansion.

August 1, 05 Edmund Winslow cuts the power to the Jessup Farm.

August 3, 05 Michelle Bauer returns from Africa.

August 4, 05 Tammy Winslow is kidnapped.

August 5, 05 Harley Cooper attempts to break into Phillip Spaulding's crypt.

August 15, 05 Nate Hoffer/Alfred Randall is killed.

August 17, 05 Alan Spaulding signs a document giving the police permission to exhume Phillip Spaulding's grave.

August 19, 05 Gus Aitoro and Harley Cooper get married.

August 22, 05 Beth Raines and Alan Spaulding get married.

August 23, 05 Edmund Winslow drugs Michelle Bauer Santos with a labor inducing drug.

August 24, 05 Ava Peralta first appears in Springfield.

August 30, 05 Edmund Winslow kidnaps Michelle Santos' baby.

August 30, 05 Dinah Marler is drugged and help captive in a replica of the Jessup Farmhouse.

September 5, 05 Michelle Bauer gives birth.

September 6, 05 Cassie Winslow is presented with 'Hope,' whom she thinks is her daughter.

September 6, 05 First podcast of the TV show was made available.

September 15, 05 Alan Spaulding fakes an illness in order to be sent to Cedars Hospital.

September 16, 05 Harley Cooper is voted in as CEO of Spaulding Enterprises.

October 3, 05 Cassie finds out that Hope is not her biological daughter.

October 4, 05 Sandy Foster is electrocuted.

October 6, 05 Billy Lewis takes a drink of alcohol for the first time in a long time.

October 6, 05 Cassie Winslow finds out that the DNA from Hope Winslow and Michelle Bauer don't match.

October 7, 05 Edmund Winslow sets fire to the replica of the farmhouse in order to conceal evidence.

October 12, 05 Dinah Marler kidnaps Hope Winslow.

October 18, 05 Bill Lewis leaves town.

October 21, 05 Beth Raines gives Harley Cooper a fake financial report for Spaulding Enterprises.

October 21, 05 Danny Santos and Edmund Winslow get into a fight.

November 3, 05 Springfield suffers from a city wide power outage.

November 7, 05 Cassie Winslow is kidnapped.

November 17, 05 Jonathan Randall ransacks Tammy Winslow and Sandy Foster's new home.

December 7, 05 Tammy Winslow and Sandy Foster's new home is burned to the grounds.

December 27, 05 Tammy Winslow is arrested on arson charges.

December 28, 05 AC Mallet places Gus Aitoro in jail to 'protect himself.'

December 29, 05 Alan Spaulding is kidnapped.

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