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Guiding Light Timeline

Timelines By Elizabeth


January 2, 97 – Dylan Lewis visits Springfield.

January 7, 97 – Vanessa Chamberlain who is sick, gives out Spaulding secrets to Roger Thorpe.

January 14, 97 – Annie Dutton tries to become artificially inseminated a second time.

January 15, 97 – Jeffery Morgan is brought onto the canvas.

January 16, 97 – Roger Thorpe rummages through the Spaulding Mansion study.

January 20, 97 – Guiding Light celebrates 60 years of on-air broadcasting.

January 28, 97 – Rick Bauer proposes to Abigail Blume.

January 29, 97 – Annie Dutton snoops around Ross Marler’s office.

January 29, 97 – Jenna Bradshaw, Reva Shayne and Buzz Cooper break into Chicago’s Hall of Records.

January 30, 97 – Annie Dutton finds out that she is pregnant.

January 30, 97 – Blake Marler steals a file from Ross Marler’s office to give to Annie Dutton.

February 7, 97 – Lucy Cooper and Alan-Michael Spaulding leave Springfield.

February 18, 97 – Henry “Coop” Bradshaw is kidnapped.

February 19, 97 – Blake Marler reveals to Ross Marler that one of their twins is not his biological son.

February 21, 97 – Abigail Blume and Rick Bauer break up.

March 1997 – Annie Dutton creates a fake orphanage in Chicago.

March 10,97 – Amanda Spaulding learns that she is the daughter of Brandon Spaulding.

March 17, 97 – HB Lewis, who is overseas, becomes sick.

March 18, 97 – Rick Bauer assaults the acting hospital administrator of Cedars.

March 28, 97 - Amanda Spaulding and Roger Thorpe break up.

April 14, 97 – Michael Burke appears in Springfield.

May 2, 97 – Annie Dutton suffers a miscarriage after a fall down the stairs at the Spaulding Mansion.

May 2, 97 – Reva Shayne is accused of killing Annie Dutton’s baby.

May 2, 97 – Ross Marler is appointed district attorney.

May 8, 97 – Annie Dutton steals her dead baby from the Cedars morgue to conceal evidence.

May 29, 97 – Harley Cooper returns to Springfield.

June 13, 97 – Roger Thorpe and Holly Norris kiss one another.

June 17, 97 – Annie Dutton stalks Reva Shayne with a weapon.

June 18, 97 – Bridget and Peter Reardon leave town.

June 19, 97 – Jenna Bradshaw is locked in a freezer at the Fifth Street Diner.

June 20, 97 – Charges against Reva Shayne are dropped during a murder trial.

June 27, 97 – Bill Lewis, Dahlia Crede, and Michelle Bauer graduate from high school.

June 27, 97 – Jesse Blue appears on screen for the first time.

July 4, 97 – Annie Dutton attends the Bauer BBQ drunk.

July 16, 97 – Amanda Spaulding and Roger Thorpe get back together.

July 28, 97 – Phillip Spaulding pretends to be insane so that Jeffery Morgan believes him.

August 1, 97 – Cassie Layne is brought into the mix of characters.

August 4, 97 – Matt Reardon and Vanessa Chamberlain are reunited.

August 5, 97 – Cassie Layne begins to spy on Lewis Oil for Alan Spaulding.

August 7, 97 – Annie Dutton steals Cassie Layne’s cameo pin.

August 8, 97 – Annie Dutton and Alan Spaulding begin a relationship.

August 21, 97 – Tammy Layne is moved from a foster home into the Spaulding Mansion.

August 25, 97 – Abigail Blume is attacked.

August 26, 97 – Annie Dutton shoves Reva Shayne.

August 29, 97 – Annie Dutton escapes from County General’s Mental Ward.

September 4, 97 – Annie Dutton is hid by Alan Spaulding.

September 5, 97 – HB Lewis dies.

September 11, 97 – The memorial for HB Lewis is held.

September 12, 97 – Vanessa Chamberlain learns she is pregnant.

September 16, 97 – Drew Jacobs appears in Springfield.

September 21, 97 – Annie Dutton changes another patient’s chart (Harley Cooper in disguise) so the patient would receive medications to make her psychotic.

September 21, 07 – Annie Dutton escapes from the state Mental Hospital.

September 26, 97 – Ed Bauer returns to town.

September 26, 97 – Blake Marler and Reva Shayne kidnap Annie Dutton.

 October 3, 97 – Buzz Cooper falls down the stairs at the Bauer Cabin and looses her memory.

October 7, 97 – Cassie Layne breaks into Billy Lewis’ safe.

October 13, 97 – Jenna Bradshaw finds out she is pregnant with Jeffery Morgan’s child.

October 20, 97 – Reva Shayne impersonates a telephone repairman to gain access to Annie Dutton’s bedroom.

 November 5, 97 – Ben Warren makes an appearance in Springfield.

November 5, 97 – Cassie Layne steals a file folder from Lewis Oil.

November 8, 97 – Ben Warren propositions Blake Marler.

November 10, 97 – Hart Jessup is drugged.

November 21, 97 – Abigail Blume kills Roy Meacham.

December 1, 97 – Alan Spaulding and Annie Dutton are engaged.

December 4, 97 – Ross Marler resigns as district attorney.

December 15, 97 – The Lewis House is burned down.

December 16, 97 – Michelle Bauer becomes blind.

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