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Guiding Light Timeline

Timelines By Elizabeth


January 1983 Alan Spaulding threatens Neil Blake.

Feb. 1983 Ed Bauer & Maureen Reardon marry.

May 1983 Lillian & Beth Raines appear in Springfield.

May 24, 83 Bill Lewis comes to town.

June 1983 Nola Reardon & Quint Chamberlain marry.

June 3, 83 Mindy Lewis arrives in town.

June 18, 83 Violet Renfield leaves Springfield.

June 1983 Mindy Lewis, Rick Bauer, Phillip Spaulding & Beth Raines graduate from Springfield High School.

July 1983 Alan Spaulding sabotages a Lewis Oil/LTA deal.

July 1983 Bradley Raines falsely charges Phillip Spaulding with harassment.

August 8, 83 Bill Bauer dies.

August 8, 83 Alan Spaulding fires Bradley Raines from Spaulding Enterprises.

August 9, 83 Maureen Bauer announces that she is pregnant.

August 22, 83 Henry Chamberlain has a heart attack.

August 24, 83 H.B. Lewis moves to Springfield.

August 26, 83 Phillip Spaulding finds out who his biological parents are.

August 31, 83 Rick Bauer and Phillip Spaulding get into a fight.

September 13, 83 Phillip Spaulding & Beth Raines tell one another that they love each other.

September 15, 83 Maureen Bauer miscarries.

September 20, 83 Phillip Spaulding moves out of the Spaulding Mansion.

September 23, 83 Justin & Samantha Marler move out of Springfield.

October 14, 83 Hope Bauer attends an AA meeting.

October 18, 83 Hillary Bauer moves out of her parent's home.

October 26, 38 Ed has surgery to repair his damaged hand.

October 28, 83 Beth Raines is raped.

October 31, 83 Billy Lewis is presumed dead.

November 1, 83 Billy Lewis appears in town very much alive.

November 2, 83 H.B. Lewis is shot at.

November 9, 83 Beth Raines moves into the boarding house.

November 11, 83 Eli Sims is killed.

November 16, 83 Hope & Alan Spaulding begin proceedings for divorce.

November 18, 83 Billy Lewis & Vanessa Chamberlain become engaged.

November 23, 83 Lesley Ann Monroe attempts suicide.

November 28, 83 Reva Shayne moves to Springfield.

November 28, 83 Lujack is introduced.

December 1983 Alan plants a prostitute & drugs in Ross Marler's car.

December 1983 Jerry Dalton is paid by Alan Spaulding to run for district attorney.

December 1983 Alan Spaulding drugs Ross Marler and places him in a car with cocaine and a prostitute.

December 1, 83 Floyd Parker wins the lottery.

December 15, 83 Dr. Kelly Nelson & Dr. Claire Ramsey become engaged.

December 18, 83 Phillip Spaulding & Beth Raines run away to New York.

December 18, 83 - Hope Bauer decides to move to New York City.

Christmas 1983 Mindy Lewis & Rick Bauer go to New York.

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