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Guiding Light Trivia Quiz

Trivia Quiz #7
Who's Guilty?
by Elizabeth

1.       Who was the ‘Garden of Eden’ murderer?
a)      Jed Simmons
b)      Ben Reade
c)       Mr. Hendon
d)      None of the above

2.       Who killed Ramona Hendon?
a)      Eden August
b)      Ben Reade
c)       Mr. Hendon
d)      Renee

3.       Who poisoned Ben Warren?
a)      Vanessa Chamberlain
b)      Holly Reade
c)       Carmen Santos
d)      None of the above

4.       Who killed both Nicky Sutton and Will Jeffries in self defense?
a)      Rusty Shayne
b)      Sonni Carrera
c)       Anita Jeffries
d)      None of the above

5.       Who killed Daniel St.John in self defense on Valentine’s Day?
a)      Roger Thorpe
b)      Holly Reade
c)       Sonnie Carrera
d)      Amanda Spaulding

6.       Who killed Frederico Santos?
a)      Vinnie Salerno
b)      Eden August
c)       Luz Santos
d)      Tony Santos

7.       Who murdered Eli Sims?
a)      Annabelle Sims
b)      Brandon Spaulding
c)       Tom Reardon
d)      HB Lewis I

8.       Who killed Professor Blackburn?
a)      Rick Bauer
b)      Mindy Lewis
c)       Beth Raines
d)      All of the above

9.       Who killed Mick Santos?
a)      Drew Jacobs and Michelle Bauer
b)      Michelle Bauer and Jesse Blue
c)       Bill Lewis and Drew Jacobs
d)      None of the above

10.   Who placed a ‘hit’ on Mick Santos?
a)      Luz Santos
b)      Maria Santos
c)       Carmen Santos
d)      None of the above


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