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Guiding Light Trivia Quiz

Trivia Quiz #10
The People of Springfield
by Elizabeth

  1. He had a gambling problem:
    a. Hart Jessup
    b. Bill Lewis III
    c. Billy Lewis II
    d. Ben Reade

  2. She formed a support group for women called “Second Chances”
    a. Vanessa Chamberlain
    b. Bridget Reardon
    c. Selena Davis
    d. Abigail Blume

  3. He used to run a ‘chop shop’
    a. Buzz Cooper
    b. Hart Jessup
    c. Patrick Cutter
    d. Frank Cooper

  4. He worked as a male escort
    a. Ben Reade
    b. Tony Santos
    c. Matt Reardon
    d. Both a and c

  5. She was raised by people in a carnival
    a. Harley Cooper
    b. Dinah Marler
    c. Bridget Reardon
    d. Drew Jacobs

  6. She was A.C. Mallet’s first love
    a. Mindy Lewis
    b. Harley Cooper
    c. Chella
    d. Julie

  7. He was presumed dead after a bomb exploded in his car
    a. Billy Lewis II
    b. Alan Spaulding
    c. Phillip Spaulding
    d. Danny Santos

  8. He killed Caine Harris to protect Reva Shayne
    a. Billy Lewis II
    b. Josh Lewis
    c. Kyle Sampson
    d. Richard Winslow

  9. This former Navy Seal took a loan out from the mob to finance his gambling addiction
    a. Rick Bauer
    b. Billy Lewis II
    c. Matt Reardon
    d. Jim LeMay

  10. She lied about consummating her Las Vegas wedding to Ed Bauer
    a. Lillian Raines
    b. Leslie Jackson
    c. Rita Stapleton
    d. Holly Reade


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