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Guiding Light Trivia Quiz

Trivia Quiz #35
By Elizabeth

1.      What did Gus & Harley do for Valentine’s Day in 2002?

  1. Have a date at Company
  2. Meet for coffee at CO2
  3. Profess their love for one another at the courthouse
  4. Spend time together underneath a desk at the courthouse

2.      Who were the four musketeers?

  1. Phillip, Beth, Rick & Harley
  2. Harley, Frank,  Dinah & Rick
  3. Mel, Rick, Harley & Frank
  4. Phillip, Rick, Beth & Mindy

3.      Where did Coop and Lizzie share their first kiss?

  1. Company
  2. Potting Shed
  3. Spaulding Mansion
  4. At the lake

4.      What was the name of the ‘dirty old man’ who frequented Company in March of 2007?

  1. Mr. Cunnigham
  2. Mr. Crenshaw
  3. Mr. Sandville
  4. Mr. Sikma

5.      When Josh was facing jail time for attempting to kill Alan Spaulding, he told RJ that he’d think of him everyday at a certain time. What time of day did they agree to think of one another?

  1. 5pm
  2. 6pm
  3. 7pm
  4. 8pm

6.      What was the date Josh had inscribed on the engagement ring that he bought for Cassie when facing sentencing for the attempted murder of Alan Spaulding?

  1. March 19, 2009
  2. March 20, 2009
  3. March 19, 2008
  4. March 20, 2010

7.      When Alexandra married Cyrus she brought ‘supplies’ with her for their wedding night. What were they?

  1. Strawberries and champagne
  2. Strawberries, wine and cards
  3. Champagne, caviar, pate and cards
  4. Champagne, strawberries, caviar and cards

8.      Where did Lizzie ask Jonathan to meet her on the night of Tammy’s accident?

  1. Outskirts
  2. The fishing docks
  3. The old mill
  4. Laurel Falls

9.      What do the notches in Alan’s vintage gun represent?

  1. A successful duel
  2. A marriage
  3. A family member’s death
  4. Someone new being born into the family

10.   What brand of diapers did Beth recommend to a pregnant Lizzie?

  1. Cloth
  2. Generic
  3. Luvs
  4. Pampers


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