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Guiding Light Trivia Quiz

Trivia Quiz #25
Where in the World are they?
by Elizabeth

  1. Which US State did Harley and Mallet live in, for the majority of the time that they were married?
    1. Illinois
    2. California
    3. Florida
    4. Indiana
  1. Shayne decided to leave Springfield to run a mini Peace Corps. Where is he (and the mini Peace Corps) located?
    1. Bosnia
    2. Kosovo
    3. Istanbul
    4. Herzegovina
  1. Dylan Lewis is currently married to Bridget Reardon and living out of state. Where do they currently reside?
    1. St. Louis, Missouri
    2. St. Paul, Minnesota
    3. Minneapolis, Minnesota
    4. Bangor, Maine
  1. Roxie Shayne is confined to a psychiatric hospital in which US City?     
    1. Chicago
    2. Dallas
    3. Austin
    4. Tulsa
  1. This is where Gus and Harley went on their honeymoon.
    1. Hawaii
    2. Greece
    3. Europe
    4. Niagara Falls
  1. Rob Layne does construction work in which of the following places?
    1. Outside Springfield, Illinois
    2. Chicago, Illinois
    3. Texas
    4. Alaska
  1. Joey Lupo got driven out of town by Phillip Spaulding in 2004. When we last saw him what college was he headed to?
    1. Boston University
    2. Northeastern
    3. Northwestern
    4. McGill University
  1. Ed Bauer is currently living and working where?
    1. Louisiana
    2. Mississippi
    3. California
    4. Africa
  1. Nola Reardon moved away from Springfield in an attempt to reconcile with her daughter. Where did she move to?
    1. Oklahoma
    2. Chicago
    3. Philadelphia
    4. California
  1. For some time Phillip, Beth and Lizzie all lived here.
    1. Utah
    2. Chicago
    3. New Mexico
    4. Arizona


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