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Guiding Light Trivia Quiz

Trivia Quiz #24
by Elizabeth

  1. Which of the following women hasn’t been married to Joshua Lewis?
    a. Annie Dutton
    b. Harley Cooper
    c. Sonni Carrera
    d. Reva Shayne
  2. Which of the following women hasn’t been married to Fletcher Reade?
    a. Vanessa Chamberlain
    b. Holly Lindsey
    c. Leah
    d. Maeve Stoddard
  3. Which of the following women has been married to Alan Spaulding?
    a. Vanessa Chamberlain
    b. India Von Halkein
    c. Annie Dutton
    d. Reva Shayne
  4. Which of the following women has been married to Ed Bauer?
    a. Vanessa Chamberlain
    b. Rita Stapleton
    c. Eve Guthrie
    d. Claire Ramsey
  5. Who hasn’t been married to Buzz Cooper?
    a. Nadine
    b. Sylvie
    c. Reva Shayne
    d. Selena Davis
  6. Ava and Sandy recently revealed that they had a relationship in the past that they were keeping under wraps. What was their relationship?
    a. They were once married
    b. They are siblings
    c. They are cousins
  7. Sandy Foster was hospitalized before becoming engaged to Tammy. What happened to him?
    a. He was electrocuted
    b. He was hit by a falling ceiling
    c. He was stuck in a fire
  8. What South American country is Bill Lewis presently living in? (January 0f 2006)
    a. Brazil
    b. Venezuela
    c. Ecuador
  9. What drink did Billy have at Outskirts that caused him to ‘fall off the wagon?’
    a. Jack and Coke
    b. Champagne
    c. Martini
  10. Who ‘cooked the books’ in regards to the net projections for the pharmaceutical division of Spaulding Enterprises, in an attempt to make Harley look bad?
    a. Beth
    b. Alan
    c. Alan-Michael


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