GL Best Lines Tuesday 9/1/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Tuesday 9/1/09


Provided By Tanya

Alexandra: Well, you seem to have established quite a rapport with that young man.

Alan: Yes, I have, Alex.

Alexandra: Uh-huh. Because I find it very interesting that you could have him up early in the morning, eyes bright and shiny ready to go to work to the office. Good heavens. You must be so proud of yourself having that influence on him.

Alan: Well, actually, we're not going to the office first. We're going to play a little Frisbee.

Alexandra: ( Laughs ) Frisbee?

Alan: Yeah, yeah, well, now you have to... it's all in the wrist. You have to really use the wrist. Yes, we go play a little Frisbee every morning and we eventually end up in the office. You see, he likes spending time with me and I like spending time with him as well.

Alexandra: You know something, I can't remember a time when you've ever gotten along with somebody like you are with James.

Alan: Well, James gets me. And he accepts me for who I am. And I'm working very hard to accept him for who he is.

Alexandra: I see, well, miracle of miracles.

Alan: Yes, he understands me. As a matter of fact, I think you are the only other person who understands me better.

Reva: It's just that when Billy talked to me, I kind of thought he might have been kidding. I didn’t... so you really do want me to be a part of this?

Vanessa: Yes. I really do. I mean, I wouldn't have asked if I didn’t.

Reva: It's just that... well, honestly, who would have thought, you know, that the girl who initially came to Springfield to break up you and Billy would actually be standing up for you one day?

Vanessa: I kind of like it. And anyway, you didn't then and you're not going to now. So I say would you like a drink?

Reva: I would love a drink, thank you. A big one.

Alexandra: Listen, I heard about the news about your parents. Congratulations.

Lizzie: Oh, thank you.

Alexandra: It's been the summer of romance, hasn't it?

Bill: I guess so.

Alexandra: Yeah. I guess we can look forward to a lot of spring babies?

Lizzie: True.

Bill: Perhaps. I don't think my parents are going to have any more kids though. They got perfection the first time around. Why mess with that?

Lizzie: He is so humble.

Billy: Alan. You can go ahead and congratulate me.

Alan: For what? Did they name a rodeo clown in your honor?

Billy: That's good. No, it's even better than that, actually.

Alan: Let me guess, you won a pie eating contest at the state fair?

Billy: Okay, Alan, I will just have to tell you straight out. Vanessa said yes.

Alan: Yes to what?

Billy: We're getting married, Alan. We're going to be together.

Alan: Oh, Vanessa. You know, some people never learn from their mistakes, Billy.

Billy: Yeah, you know, I remember the first time that I was going to marry Vanessa and you brought Reva into town so that you could break us up. Didn't work. But sure as hell changed the face of Springfield, didn't it?

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