GL Best Lines Monday 8/31/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Monday 8/31/09


Provided By Tanya

Natalia: Oh, that looks good.

Matt: Well, it's either this or a bottle of tequila.

Natalia: I think that is a wise choice. What's the occasion?

Matt: Wallowing in self-pity.

Natalia: Why?

Matt: Well, my ex-wife has just informed me that she is getting remarried.

Natalia: I'm sorry.

Matt: That's okay. It's my fault. I screwed up.

Natalia: Did you try to fix it?

Matt: Well, I didn't know I wanted to until it was too late. Bite?

Natalia: No, thanks. It's never, you know, too late.

Matt: Well, for Vanessa and me it is.

Natalia: I'm just, you know, trying to stick with the whole you can't ever give up thing. You know, if you find something you really want, you have to keep believing in it.

Matt: Right now the only thing I believe in is mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Josh: There she is, my good friend Olivia.

Olivia: You know, my friends don't usually look at my ass like that.

Josh: Yeah, but we're close friends.

Bill: No, no, it's fine. Look, normally I would think that Lizzie was overreacting, but since I saw Reva today I know she's not. You know she's not doing so hot right now, don't you?

Josh: She's going through a tough time.

Lizzie: It seems like more than just normal grief. I mean, she seemed kind of freaky.

Josh: Well, we're talking about Reva. How could you possibly tell that?

Matt: Well, I figure my wife getting remarried is a good excuse to get drunk with my friend.

Josh: Well, actually, I don't need an excuse.

Matt: I should have called you earlier.

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