GL Best Lines Friday 8/21/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Friday 8/21/09


Provided By Tanya

Buzz: E-loveless dating profile?

Frank: Close that. You don't need to be looking at that.

Buzz: Frank, it says here you're 42.

Frank: Oh, man.

Buzz: 42, Frank?

Frank: Rick, Matt and I signed up for online dating, okay?

Buzz: How old are they online?

Frank: They lied. We all lied. Listen, I have absolutely no interest in this whatsoever. Rick talked me into it.

Buzz: People do it, Frank, I hear.

Frank: Yeah, well, you know what? It's not for me.

Buzz: Frank.

Frank: Pop, do you really think at this point in my life right now, that I should be dating? Because I'm about to have a baby.

Buzz: Some women find that sexy, Frank.

Jonathan: What happened to him?

Reva: What do you mean?

Jonathan: He's wound like Joshua.

Reva: No, stop it.

Jonathan: I mean, I'm glad he's looking out for you.

Reva: He's been great. He is great. He's really been there for me. This must be tough on you, huh? To be here with a grieving mother and a brother who punches you in the face before he says nice to meet you? ( Laughs )

Jonathan: I came to check up on you. The punches? That happens.

Reva: Yeah, to you more so than others.

Jonathan: That's because I'm trouble, just like my mommy.

Reva: Yes, you are. That's the thing. You are just like your mommy. And Shayne, Shayne’s always been a good boy, you know? He's like his daddy.

Frank: I've been thinking-- in the best interests of the baby and for all of us-- that-- I can't believe I'm going to say something like this because this is just so out of my realm-- that I think we should talk about, just to let you know, drawing up legal papers. I mean, just for custody, for vacations, weekends, you know, that type of thing.

Natalia: Okay. No, of course.

Frank: I just want you to be happy. I really want you to be happy. And I have to just protect that I'm going to be happy, too.

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