GL Best Lines Tuesday 8/18/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Tuesday 8/18/09


Provided By Tanya

Olivia: You're having a baby.

Natalia: And I found out just before the barbecue. I was sick, throwing up, had no idea why. It finally occurred to me, and I took a test. And...

Olivia: Why didn't you tell me?

Natalia: If I told you, it would be real and I really... I wasn't ready to face that at all. I mean, I couldn't figure anything out. And that is why I had to go away and really think.

Olivia: You left me. You didn't say anything.

Natalia: I know. I'm so sorry. I never meant to...

Olivia: You left me.

Josh: More exciting than registering for on-line dating, Frank?

Frank: Is nothing sacred with you?

Matt: He wants to get signed up, too.

Josh: That's right. You know, I used to think it was just for, you know, really creepy, weird men. But hey, you know, maybe it would be a good thing for me to meet somebody I don't have history with or baggage with. That might be nice, find a woman like that.

Matt: Well, we're work on your profile after we get finished here. I'm thinking what, 47?

Josh: You know, Matt, I've never actually liked you. ( Laughter )

Edmund: Nice to see you today, Jeffrey. Unfortunately, you're up and walking around. What a resilient fellow you are. Something we have in common. Something I hope we'll share for years to come. I think I could enjoy the game we started today. A simple beginning, but I thought you both executed it well. I, of course, came out on top, but that shouldn't keep you from trying again. You'll have to try again if you want to protect your family, especially your beloved Reva. I hate her, you know. She has cost me over and over again. Taken away everything near and dear to me. So I have made it my life's goal to take everything away that is near and dear to her. I want her to understand my pain. Now her first loss was you, Jeffrey. But I know you are still alive. And you may know it, too, but if Reva were to find out, some of her suffering would be relieved and I can't have that. So you keep playing dead. If I ever have a notion that Reva knows you're alive, I will take Colin. I'll take Henry. I'll take Sarah. And I'll raise them as my own. So here's the deal. You let Reva believe you're dead while you and I continue our little dance. Whichever one of us comes out on top will get the prize. But if you cheat and let Reva know, I'll make the suffering that she's going through now feel like a walk in the suburban park.

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