GL Best Lines Friday 8/14/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Friday 8/14/09


Provided By Tanya

Lucky: Shayne, Shayne, Shayne, sit down, take it easy. Take it easy.

Mallet: Oh, great.

Shayne: Howdy, Sheriff.

Mallet: Shayne's who's going to bail you out today, you big cowboy boy? What is it? Is it going to be your mommy or your daddy?

Shayne: (Laughs)

Mallet: Is anybody going to tell me what happened or am I going to have to haul everybody in.

Shayne: Well, it wasn't me.

Lucky: This one's on Shayne.

Shayne: Thanks, Lucky.

Mallet: Yeah, I didn't expect anything different. Well, Shayne, we're going to take a little ride in the police car. You're going to like it it's got a siren and a flashing blue light on top. Come on. 

Remy: He was so small when he was born. He came early, you know. The second I saw him, I knew he was mine. He was so beautiful. So beautiful. He had these big brown eyes and would just look at you. And when I finally got to hold him, he made me want to be a better man. He was my baby. I was supposed to take care of him, but he was the one who fixed me. And he died before I got a chance to do anything for him. I love you so much. I miss you. Thank you.  

Shayne: There he is. My one phone call.

Josh: Should I be setting aside a special fund for bail?

Shayne: No, I'm good. I don't need your money. I put it on my credit card, which they were more than happy to take because I don't think they want me here anymore.  

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