GL Best Lines Tuesday 8/11/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Tuesday 8/11/09


Provided By Tanya

Woman: Is this your first time here?

Phillip: Yeah, it is.

Woman: Where should we start? I have some lovely teas and herbs for all sorts of ailments.

Phillip: I'm dying, or at least my doctors tell me that I'm dying. I've only got a few weeks left and they say that there's nothing more that they can do for me. And I just need more time than that. My family is... I just need a little help and I don't have anywhere else to turn.

Woman: What you need is beyond my understanding or abilities. I can't help you. But I know people who can. It's in Mexico.

Phillip: Thank you.

Woman: I can give you this. Blood stone for strength.

Buzz: Just the man I want to see. Listen, we're going to have to use the van for a couple days. Got something we have to do. So Marina is

Frank: Where are you going?

Buzz: New York City.

Frank: In the company van?

Buzz: Yeah. My car's dead, Frank.

Frank: Excuse me, I don't think so.

Buzz: What?

Frank: The van isn't yours, it belongs to the restaurant.

Buzz: Right, Marina can use your car.

Frank: Here is the deal: Since you don't own the restaurant by yourself, we all have a piece of it. Since the van is part of the restaurant, we all own a piece of the van. My piece says no to New York City and I bet you, Coop and Marina would say the same thing as well.

Buzz: Don't tell me what your brother would want. Keep the damn van.

Buzz: Lillian, what do you want?

Lillian: Frank thinks you are out of your mind.

Buzz: You couldn't tell me this on the phone.

Lillian: He thinks Cyrus is dangerous and you are both heading for trouble.

Buzz: Frank doesn't understand.

Lillian: I agree, I don't think he does understand. I'm all for your doing this.

Buzz: You are?

Lillian: Uh-huh. I know how much you loved Jenna and how much you love Coop. And if this going to bring you some closure and bring you closer to them, then I want to you do it. As long as you promise you'll come back afterwards.

Buzz: You're a good woman.

Lillian: I know.

Buzz: I'll call you.

Lillian: No, bring me a present.

Buzz: (Laughs)

Lillian: I mean it. Maybe more than one present.

Lizzie: No, no, I mean what are you doing? I talked to Frank. You know that the Cooper’s cannot afford to have you run a scam on them.

Cyrus: I am not trying to hurt them. I like Buzz, I like all the Cooper’s. I owe them. I'm just trying to make up for everything I did.

Lizzie: I believe you. I think that a lot of the time you're not trying to hurt anyone. I actually think that there may be a good man somewhere inside there. I just can't tell where the charming, scam artist ends and the good guy begins.

Cyrus: I can't tell either.

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