GL Best Lines Friday 7/31/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Friday 7/31/09


Provided By Tanya

Josh: (Laughs) You and Vanessa as co-mothers-in-law, interesting.

Reva: We're fine.

Josh: You know, now that I think about it, you both actually mellowed...

Reva: If you say with age, I am going to hit you.

Rick: Relax. Relax, we're almost done. Okay, medicine is good. Any side effects at all.

Olivia: No, fine.

Rick: Okay. Keeping the diet, moderate exercise?

Olivia: Yes, Doctor.

Rick: Limiting the booze intake?

Olivia: Dry as a bone, teetotaler.

Rick: Great. So what about the mental health? How is that?

Olivia: Fit as a fiddle. Happy as a clam. Whistle while I work.

Rick: Scaring me.

Olivia: Scaring myself.

Shayne: So this is Kurt. Kurt is going to take you every where you need to go today. And this Yolandis. Actually, Kurt and Yolandis are going to take you everywhere you need to go today.

Kurt: Hello, Miss Marler.

Dinah: Hi, Kurt.

Shayne: Come here. Kurt has your itinerary, okay? He needs... he knows everywhere you need to go. The bakery, the florist, to your fitting.

Dinah: I think we're going to look a little conspicuous today, what do you think?

Shayne: That you're going to look spectacular. That's what I think. Absolutely spectacular. We're getting married so fast. I just... I wanted you to have a couple memorable moments.

Dinah: You are such an amazing man, you know that? I promise you we are going to have so many more once we get married. I promise. Thank you.

Shayne: You're not about to have a birds and bees conversation with me, are you?

Josh: No, no I really don't want to go there with you, son.

Shayne: Good, good.

Josh: Although, I have been married and divorced nine times, so if you want to know something, I'm your guy.

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