GL Best Lines Tuesday 7/28/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Tuesday 7/28/09


Provided By Tanya

Alexandra: Alan, my darling, I wouldn't worry if I were you. You are absolutely fantastic speaker. You used so many clichés I was absolutely dazzled myself.

Alan: Well go ahead, go ahead, make fun of me if you like, but may I remind you when I am CEO of this company, you have a very cushy position in it.

Alexandra: Oh, my Lord, what a convenient memory do you have, my dear. The only assurance there ever is between you and me is the fact that I'm your big sister.

Alan: Well then, big sister, I assume that I can count on you to give me your vote.

Alexandra: Yes, of course you can. Mainly because I'm too damn tired to fight you right now.

Mallet: Okay. Wow, this is amazing. What can I do to help?

Marina: Oh, you could flip the pancakes in just a minute if you want.

Mallet: Okay.

Marina: Thanks for asking. So what kind of syrup do you want?

Mallet: Strawberry.

Marina: Oh, shoot, we are all out of strawberry, but I will run over to the stores and get you some.

Mallet: No, no, no worries. I'll have whatever you are having.

Marina: Wow, if only all husbands were agreeable as you.

Marina: If only all husbands were lucky enough to have a wife like this that makes them breakfast. More coffee, Buzz, I will make a fresh pot.

Marina: You do make the best coffee.

Buzz: I woke up in the middle of a '50s sitcom.

Alan: Have you seen James?

Alexandra: No, twitter him. He'll tweet you right back.

Alan: What?

Alexandra: Never mind, darling, let me do it. Just calm down. Just takes a second here. James says, sorry he can't make it. He is hanging out with Daisy.

Alan: I've got to get him away from that girl.

Alexandra: Sure, a board meeting will lure him away. Well, what is it? The decision, board meeting, sex, sex, board meeting, difficult decision.

Alan: He's got to start seeing the bigger picture, Alexandra.

Alexandra: Honey, he's 18 years old. Sex is the big picture.

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