GL Best Lines Friday 7/24/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Friday 7/24/09


Provided By Tanya

Dinah: Matt, it is my fault that Jeffrey is dead.

Matt: You had nothing to do with Jeffrey’s plane going down.

Dinah: If I had come forward after I killed John Doe, then maybe Reva wouldn't have been a suspect. Jeffrey may not have gone off. Maybe he'd be alive.

Matt: The moment that Jeffrey found out Edmund was alive, he'd have gone after him. It's not your fault! The only mistake you made is not actually killing Edmund.  

Marina: Are you going to do this all day?

Mallet: What?

Marina: Watch me like a perp. I didn't kill anyone. I'm not your murderer.

Mallet: Okay, fine. So, I guess we're ready to go.

Marina: No, we're not. Are you taking me to this funeral just... just to see if it breaks me? To see if I'm overwhelmed by my guilt?

Mallet: All I'm saying is, I think going to the funeral might be a lot for the murderer to potentially deal with.

Marina: So you're taking me so that you can watch me as your perp, not to sit by your wife? Fine. You can go by yourself, because I refuse to sit by someone who thinks I am responsible for the sadness of this day. ( Door opens ) You better hurry up.  

Mallet: Hi, Remy. Have you seen Marina?

Remy: Didn't she come with you?

Mallet: No, she... well, she felt a little awkward about sitting with me.

Remy: Well, seeing as how you think she's a murderer, I guess that would make things a little awkward.

Mallet: Hey, all I did was point out that today would probably be good for her to see the full consequences of her actions.

Remy: And I can't imagine why she wouldn't want to sit with you. There's the perp now.

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