GL Best Lines Wednesday 7/22/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Wednesday 7/22/09


Provided By Tanya

Phillip: Yeah, we did. Yeah. He told me about Vietnam.

Alex: I'm not quite sure what we're talking about here.

Phillip: He told me about how he got drafted, and how Brandon found a way for another boy to go in his place. And how that boy died.

Alex: I don't know what... I just don't think Alan would tell you that.

Phillip: No, he wouldn’t. But he did. And I can see from your reaction that it's true, isn't it?

Alex: Well, I think that was probably the defining moment in Alan’s life. And I think that was the moment I realized I lost the brother that I absolutely loved and adored.


Emma: We're going to find Natalia?

Olivia: We're going to find her and we're going to bring her home.

Emma: Why can't we just call her?

Olivia: That's not the way it works. She has to... she has to see us, you know. She has to see that we care about her. And then she's going to give us hugs and kisses and... why don't you pick a song, okay? Just pick a song now and start singing, and then we'll just get there faster, okay, Em? Come on, sing. Why aren't you singing?

Emma: Because you're scaring me.


Reva: That girlfriend of yours is pretty spectacular, you know. I wasn't sure about her at first, but I think she's okay, you know? She knew what I needed. A kind gesture, no hovering.

Shayne: She's good like that. She knows what people need.

Reva: You're lucky you found her. You take good care of her because a good relationship is worth so much more than anything else.


Olivia: Yeah, sorry. Natalia is really upset, obviously. And she took off and nobody knows where she is, and I thought maybe she came back here?

Jonesy: Well, I haven't seen her.

Olivia: See, I think you're lying to me.

Jonesy: No.

Olivia: Yeah, I think you are. I can see it in your eyes. She's been here, you've seen her, you know where she is, so why don't you just tell me?

Jonesy: Look, lady...

Olivia: I want to know. I need to talk to her, do you understand? So I need you to tell me, just tell me where she is and I'll go.

Jonesy: Well, like I said, I don't know...

Olivia: Okay, fine, you know what? I've got time. I can hang out here, so don't mind me, all right? Hey, Josh, it's me.

Josh: Well, be still my beating heart. You up for a little pool today? I'm feeling lucky.

Olivia: Well, if you come and get me, I'm in?

Josh: Oh, I see. You're already ahead of me on the drinking thing, and you need a ride, okay. Where are you?

Olivia: Chicago. I have my car. I just need some bail money.

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