GL Best Lines Monday 7/20/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Monday 7/20/09


Provided By Tanya

James: Isn't that...? ( Laughs )

Phillip: What the hell? Oh, you got to be kidding me? We're right back where we started from.

Alan: You mean we have walked around in a big circle?

James: We would be the first people kicked off "Survivor."

Phillip: Oh, man.

Alan: Boy, I should have brought my GPS, you know. ( Laughs )

Phillip: Well, Dad, I got to say, I think you are handling all our failures pretty well.

Alan: Well, I think it's probably because of all this bug spray I have, I'm high from it, so nothing phases me.

Olivia: We live in an unfair, unjust world where crazy psychos get to run around free and deprive good kids like my daughter, Ava, of their father.

Christina: Yeah, I heard about Jeffrey. I'm sorry.

Olivia: He died in a plane crash trying to do something decent. And Edmund is probably sitting by the Riviera drinking a gin and tonic and laughing. And the only person that can really make me feel better is gone. Thanks for taking care of Emma.

Cyrus: What happened with the whole Berkeley thing? Did they cash your check?

Daisy: No, Berkeley is not going to work out because I waited too long, and then they gave my spot away.

Cyrus: Oh, that sucks.

Daisy: It's my own fault.

Cyrus: Well, there are other schools.

Daisy: Of course there are, yeah. It's just that I had the check to Berkeley, and it's not going to work anywhere else. If only my anonymous donor had just written me a blank check.

Cyrus: Would you have used it for college then?

Daisy: Probably not, which is why it sucks having a smart guardian angel.

Alan: Phillip, you can't say that I've always been a bad father or we wouldn't be here right now.

Phillip: Dad, we're here right now because I don't want every memory we have to be bad.

Alan: Not every memory is bad! What about the time that we...

Phillip: What? What? Oh, the time where you lied to me about who my parents were? Or how about the time where you tried to make me think that Beth was dead? Oh, no, wait, how about the time where you shot me? That's always a favorite of mine. No, you pick. I'll let you pick.

Alan: You know, you haven't been a picnic either, son. What about the time you stole the company from me? Also stole my wife, and tried to steal her on my wedding day. What about that? And also, you kidnapped my grandchildren.

Phillip: Clearly, I've learned from the best.

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