GL Best Lines Wednesday 7/8/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Wednesday 7/8/09


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Phillip: I... I was gone a half an hour, tops. I come back, it looks like an emergency room. Yeah. Black eyes, ice packs everywhere.

Lillian: I would have given anything in the world to see Billy just punch that Alan’s face.


Lillian: Oh, are you good?

Phillip: You mean am I as good as my dad?

Lillian: No, I didn't mean that that. I mean, he was good, though. I use to go to Springfield U. and see him. But he wasn't as cute as you.

James: I think I'll stick to lacrosse.

Lillian: You just don't want to admit you're the least bit like him, do you?

James: Remember that when I'm on my way to my sixth marriage.


Mallet: You know, if something happened to Dinah, it's on you.

Shayne: So it's my fault that Dinah’s on that plane.

Mallet: Yeah, that's what I'm saying. You were the one that let her go off.

Shayne: She told me she was going on a business trip, Mallet. You know what, man? If anyone's responsible for Dinah being gone, it's you.

Mallet: What?

Shayne: Yeah. You. If you weren't so hell-bent on finding someone to hang for Edmund’s murder, Dinah would still be here. You arrested my mom, that drove Jeffrey to go find Edmund. Dinah went with him, Mallet.

Mallet: No, Jeffrey ran off to protect his own ass, and Dinah went with him to protect your ass.

Shayne: Protect me? Protect me, she did it for everyone, Mallet! She thought of everyone's safety before her own. Everyone, like she always does. Like she did that night with you at the docks.

Mallet: The docks?

Shayne: Yeah, the docks, the night she took a bullet for you. Remember now? Ring any bells? How about this? How about the time she risked everything to give you my... to give you your son. How about that time, too? She was always the first person to throw herself in front of the bus for anyone that she cares about. Even when they had given up on her.

Mallet: Shut up, man. Why don't you just shut up?

Shayne: You know what? Dinah's not yours any more, Mallet. Why don't you go home and protect your own family? You just left Marina alone with Henry as Edmund is alive walking around. And you're here looking for Dinah, Mallet? Why don't you try going to protect your own family because I hope you do a better job this time.

Mallet: You don't know what the hell you're talking about. You don't know what it means to protect someone.

Shayne: I'm not going to fight you right now. It's not going to fix anything.


Lizzie: You're coming right, you and Christina are still coming?

Remy: Yes, yes, we'll be there.

Lizzie: Okay, good. Because in the last eight hours, numbers have been going down. Granddad's not coming, now my brother's not coming. So I don't know if my family is going to show. So I need my friends.

Remy: If your family doesn't show, I'm sure the whole town will come. No offense.

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