GL Best Lines Friday 7/3/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Friday 7/3/09


Provided By Tanya

Reva: Yeah, well, we're not having anything, because you're going to the barbecue.

Shayne: Am I?

Reva: Yeah.

Shayne: Oh, good, that means you're going with me. We're going together, right?

Reva: No, no. I'm not going. Because I don't want to have answer any questions about where Jeffrey is at.

Shayne: Right. Because I want to answer questions about where Dinah is at.

Reva: Okay! I understand that, but at least your party date isn't wanted for a murder he didn't commit.

Shayne: You got me on that one.  

Mel: Rick is a very special person.

Remy: You married him. (Laughter)

Mel: Yeah. Oh, God. He's coming over here. Rick, please don't kiss me.

Cyrus: Don't worry. Don't worry. He wonít.

Mel: Hey!

Cyrus: Thanks, Mel. This is a lot more fun than I thought.

Mel: Yeah. Rick, you know Cyrus, right?

Rick: Yeah, I'm so glad you could make it.

Cyrus: Yeah. Hey, thanks for having me.

Rick: Yeah.

Cyrus: Mel brought you some cake.

Rick: Oh, great. Thank you, honey. I appreciate that.

Cyrus: You want to go play some croquet.

Mel: Yeah, I do.

Cyrus: All right, good.

Mel: See ya.

Cyrus: Well, see you later.

Rick: He's a jewel thief, you know.

Remy: Reformed. We just worked a case together. He's getting to know the family... really well.  

Mallet: Shayne. I know about Henry. I know that you're his dad.

Shayne: You don't need to worry.

Mallet: Yeah, thatís... she... she was telling me that, that's what she said.

Shayne: Yeah, good.

Mallet: Good, good. I just want you to know that I love Henry very, very much. And I feel blessed to be his dad. So hopefully things won't get weird between us.

Shayne: Between us, never.

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