GL Best Lines Thursday 7/2/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Thursday 7/2/09


Provided By Tanya

Rick: (Coughs)

Blake: Look, some traditions just never die. You've got your three-legged race, Michelle’s apple pie and Rick setting fire to the grill.

Rick: I'm cleaning it, Blakey. It's part of my process.

Blake: I don't think so.

Rick: I think so.

Blake: No.

Rick: I'm a master griller.

Frank: Rick.

Rick: Hey. Hey, guys.

Frank: You're not planning on burning any burgers again this year, are you?

Rick: No, my burgers are never burned, buddy. Never.

Daisy: We saw flames from the car.

Bill: I just realized it's going to be my last Independence Day.

Rick: Why would you say that? There's always next year.

Blake: Yeah.

Bill: Well, next year I will no longer be independent. I will have my Bill little ball and chain right here.

Rick: There you go. There you go.

Lizzie: Ball and chain? You called me ball and chain. You really called me that. That's nice. That's nice, right?

Bill: Very sexy. Very sexy ball and chain.

Bill: All right, all right, time out. I think maybe Frank, Blake, let's set up the croquet, huh?

Frank: Aren't you in charge of the games? Shouldn't you be setting stuff up?

Bill: Yes, and a good leader delegates, Frank.

Everybody: Oh!

Michelle: Still passing the buck, huh, Lewis?

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