GL Best Lines Wednesday 6/24/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Wednesday 6/24/09


Provided By Tanya

Ed: So as nice as it would be to think that you came out here just to twist my arm to show up for another family barbecue, I got to think there's something more going on than that. I mean, this is sort of an office visit. So come on, why don't you tell me? Why did you fly halfway across the country to see a doctor who specializes in infectious diseases?

Phillip: Something's wrong. I think it could be serious and I just don't want anybody to know until I find out.

James: What about my dad? He's going to know that you paid to get me out of this.

Alex: Yeah, just like I bailed him out when he was 15, caught driving my Mercedes. And just like my father bailed me out when I had to... many scrapes with the law. So congratulations, you have just now joined the ranks of the Spaulding men. Before we get there, we're going to stop at a sporting goods store.

James: Sporting goods?

Alan: Yeah, yeah. I mean, if we're going to play a few hoops, you're going to need some new shoes and sweats. You up for that?

James: All right, absolutely.

Alan: Good, good. Now, do you want to get something to eat before or after I whip your butt?

James: ( Laughs ) We better get food before. You might have a heart attack. Might be your last meal.

Alan: ( Laughs ) You are going down!

Rick: Old. I don't feel old. I don’t. I feel great. Besides, you know, my back hurting all the time and having to wear glasses to eat my cereal, I feel fantastic. Look at them, buddy. Look at the looks on their faces. Remember that feeling? Just the... it's that feeling that anything or everything was possible. Feels like a hundred years ago since I felt that.

Phillip: Well, you know, there's one thing that hasn't changed since we were kids.

Rick: What's that? Your stubbornness? ( Laughter )

Phillip: Our friendship, idiot.

Rick: It means a lot to me.

First boy: Come on, already, it's boring beating a bunch of geriatrics. ( Laughs )

Rick: Did that punk just call us geriatrics? Does he have any idea who we are? Does he know that you... you came back from the dead? Does he know that?

Phillip: You're raising a teenage daughter.

Rick: You got shot by your own father.

Phillip: You had a heart transplant.

Rick: These guys don't even have mortgages. Don't have jobs, nothing.

Phillip: They don't even have girlfriends, look at them. This is what they're doing with their afternoon?

Rick: Losers.

Phillip: Yeah.

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