GL Best Lines Thursday 6/18/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Thursday 6/18/09


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Natalia: Yeah, I was just wondering if your dad was around. I was hoping I'd bump into him maybe.

Marina: Actually, he's probably at home.

Natalia: Yeah. Well, I'm not going to really go by there. Rafe is there.

Marina: Yeah, I know.

Natalia: Your dad's a really good guy.

Marina: Yes, he is. He's a really great guy. And I would really appreciate you not taking advantage of that.

Dinah: Did you get a new bedspread?

Shayne: Not exactly. We got a new bedspread.

Dinah: I don't remember picking this out?

Shayne: That's because you didn’t. But I figured if... the place could use a little bit more of a woman's touch if you're going to be living here with me. So I thought... what do you say? Do you want to live with me?

Dinah: Shayne.

Shayne: Listen, listen, I just... with Edmund possibly walking the streets of Springfield alive and well, you're in as much danger as anyone. I can't have that. I want you close to me, okay? I want to protect you.

Dinah: I want to protect you, too.

Shayne: Yeah?

Dinah: Yes, come here.

Shayne: You want to protect me?

Dinah: Yes, I do.

Shayne: Is that a yes?

Dinah: That's a yes.

Shayne: That's a yes. So do you want to... do you want to get your bum in here so I can protect it?

Natalia: Don’t... don't stand, sit. No, that’s... it's just... I know how I feel about you. But I've been thinking a lot about what it must look like from the outside. And I don't want Rafe or anyone else to think that we are together because of our situation. You know, I mean, I know we know that this is real, but think about it. I love Gus, you love Gus. You get sick, Gus dies. You get his heart. We become friends. I nurse you back to health. You've given me a job, you help me with out Rafe. We end up moving in together. Frank asks me to marry him. And then I run away from my own wedding. And then you're right there to pick up the pieces. And then Rafe gets out of jail. And he needs to adjust, and just... it's a lot and...

Olivia: All right, all right, all right. I agree.

Natalia: You do?

Olivia: Yeah. I love you. And I know how I feel, but I don't want to give anyone the chance to think that what we have exist because of our circumstances. I don’t... I don't want either one of us to ever feel that way. I want everyone to know that even if we're separate, without the drama, I choose you.

Natalia: I choose you, too.

Olivia: So this means we... we take a step back and we don't let, you know, everything that's happening in our lives be what brings us together, right?

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