GL Best Lines Tuesday 6/16/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Tuesday 6/16/09


Provided By Tanya

Jeffrey: We are going to do something. We're going set me up to make it look like I killed Edmund.

Josh: That's the stupidest plan I've ever heard.

Jeffrey: Oh, yeah? More stupid than you going to jail for Cassie?

Josh: That kind of proves my point, Jeffrey. It didn't work then, its a not going to work now.

Reva: I was just wondering if you might do just one more tiny favor for me?

Mallet: Okay.

Reva: Drop the charges.

Mallet: Sure, sure, if you do one teeny-weeny little favor for me.

Reva: Okay. Anything.

Mallet: Tell your family to start telling me the truth. Okay, thank you.

Josh: How are things going?

Mallet: I should really put out a newsletter every day. You know what, better yet, I will just start blogging? Would that be good, Josh, for you and your family to stay updated on the case. Because I am thinking if you read it every morning then you could keep your story straight and we could take turns covering up for each other. But to answer your question, Josh, I don't have time to talk. Because you know what, I decided to write a blog.

Josh: Okay, I sense some animosity here.

Mallet: Good, I'm glad I made that clear.

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