GL Best Lines Tuesday 6/9/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Tuesday 6/9/09


Provided By Tanya

Olivia: So how's it going? How's Reva?

Josh: (Laughs) You know I dream of a day when people will stop asking me that question.

Olivia: I will never stop asking you that question.

Josh: I don't ask you about your ex's.

Olivia: I'm not in love with any of my ex’s.

Reva: I'm going to push past those reporters and take Colin to the park. It's a beautiful day and if we are lucky he will see his first butterfly.

Jeffrey: And what if I don't let you?

Reva: That's so sweet. You telling me what to do. But don't you know by now that you would be better off trying to stop a speeding bullet?

Emma: When are we making the chocolate chip?

Olivia: Well, I don't know that we can. You see somebody has been sneaking the chocolate chips out of the bag before we even got started and I don't think we have enough.

Emma: But I only took a handful.

Olivia: Jelly bean, I wasn't talking about you.

Natalia: You saw that, huh?

Olivia: Oh, yeah, I like keeping an eye on you. And every time you think we're not looking, you take chips out of the bag.

Natalia: Okay, well at least I don't have my fingers all in the dough every time we turn our backs.

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