GL Best Lines Wednesday 6/3/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Wednesday 6/3/09


Provided By Tanya

Jeffrey: Could you keep an eye on both of them until the arraignment?

Dinah: Me? Really?

Jeffrey: Well, believe it or not, you seem to be the level-headed one here.

Dinah: Wow.

Jeffrey: Stunning, isn't it?


Mallet: If you want to go see Reva, then get permission from her lawyer, okay? That's the way we operate around here. But if you do go in, just remember we have security cameras and they record everything. Everything you say, everything you do, so if I see the slightest hint of guilt in your eyes, I will be on you before you reach the doorstep.

Shayne: I'll keep that in mind.

Mallet: Okay.

Dinah: I wonder if Mallet would be handling things the exact same way if he knew Reva was his baby's grandmother?


Buzz: What can I do for you?

Cyrus: I'd like a job, thanks.

Buzz: You want some fries with that?

Cyrus: I'm serious.

Buzz: Everybody wants a job nowadays.

Cyrus: Right. All right, well just keep me in mind in case anything comes up.

Buzz: Okay I'll talk to the boss, see what we can do.

Cyrus: Oh, that's too bad, Alan doesn't like me very much.

Buzz: Alan doesn't own the place any more.

Cyrus: Oh, good for me.

Buzz: No, someone who likes you even less, Marina. ( Laughs )

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