GL Best Lines Tuesday 6/2/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Tuesday 6/2/09


Provided By Tanya

Marina: Why should I know any more than you do? You know as many cops as I do.

Shayne: You're sleeping with the lead detective.

Marina: Well, I will have you know that I happen to be sleeping by the time the lead detective generally gets home these days. He's been working overtime on this case. You know, Edmund Winslow may be dead, but he's still a pain in the butt.

Blake: Buzz was thinking about being Frank's roommate.

Marina: Really?

Frank: Uh-huh.

Marina: You want to move out too?

Buzz: I just thought he might need the company.

Frank: Pop, I always need you, okay. I love you, but you know, I need some space. I need my own space right now.

Buzz: You need to --

Marina: Get a life.

Buzz: Yeah, you need to get a life. Get a life. Go find your own place, Frank. Go find your own life, but you know, I'll be here if you need me, Frank. If you need me.

Frank: Thank you, Pop, thank you. Cheer up, honey, cheer up.

Marina: All right, well, I'll go start packing your bags.

Frank: Okay. Come on Rafe, let's go.

Blake: All right, apartment shopping for one bedroom.

Marina: Yeah, have fun. Good luck.

Buzz: I need you, Frank, I need you--

Marina: Hey, were you going to move out with him?

Buzz: I had to make him sweat.

Daisy: You have a lot of experience dealing with the Spaulding family.

Olivia: Yes, I do. I try not to think about it.

Daisy: Well, did they ever make you feel like you weren't good enough when you were --

Olivia: Married to them? Oh, yeah, all the time. It's ancient history.

Daisy: I can't stand them. I can’t. I shot at Alan.

Olivia: Today?

Daisy: No, it was awhile ago and I missed.

Olivia: Oh. Whoo. You know, remind me and I'll take you out to the shooting range and you'll do better next time.

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