GL Best Lines Monday 6/1/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Monday 6/1/09


Provided By Tanya

Ashlee: Yeah, well, I'm... I'm looking for a job. Dinah cut my hours back and I was hoping to get into event planning. I was Bill and Lizzie’s wedding planner for, like, five minutes.

Doris: You know what? I will remember that when I'm at city hall holding up their license.

Daisy: Okay, Robin Hood. So do you actually have any plans to give the rich people's money to the poor?

James: I'll give you some if you help me out.

Daisy: I'll make you an I.D.

James: I was thinking more than that. I thought we... we could be partners.

Daisy: Split the money?

James: We'll see how it works out.

Daisy: I don't think so.

James: Because my dad told you to back off?

Daisy: No, not because of that.

James: You have nothing to lose.

Daisy: I don't have a family who would go to jail for me.

Billy: Listen, your dad's okay with all of this?

Lizzie: He is. My dad and my little brother have been great about everything. Kind of too good to be true. ( Laughter )

Vanessa: Well, they love you.

Lizzie: I know. That's usually what gets us in trouble.

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