GL Best Lines Wednesday 5/27/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Wednesday 5/27/09


Provided By Tanya

Buzz: (Laughs) You want to send that back, you know you can. Think before you answer.

Frank: It's not the food, Pop. I just got a lot on my mind.

Buzz: I know, it's Rafe, Mallet told me. How do you go to bat for Rafe after she left you at the alter.

Frank: I did it more for Rafe than Natalia. Why is everybody making a big deal out of this? I didn't want anybody to know.

Buzz: Frank, how can you support a woman who broke your heart?

Frank: I'm not supporting Natalia anymore. She's on her own.

Alan: A mistake, he sets up a Ponzi scheme where he bilks millions of dollars from innocent people and he sets up Bill Lewis as the fall guy?

Phillip: Please don't tell me that you approve of this.

Alan: Phillip, I think this is brilliant.

Phillip: Well, it happens to be illegal, and if you try to use it to take down Bill you're going it to take down James too, are you okay with that? He's your grandson. He could go to jail for a long time. It could ruin his life. Say something.

Alan: I told you so.

Phillip: Oh, you got to be kidding me!

Alan: Phillip, our family requires an alpha dog. Someone who isn't afraid to bark and bite. But you know, ever since you've come home, son, you've done nothing but chase cars and catch Frisbees.

Phillip: What?

Alan: I told you to take control of your children, but that ship's already passed by, hasn't it? So why should I care if you, James and Bill all go down, every one of you have disrespected me.

Phillip: But what about Lizzie and Beth? You care about them? You care about how this affects them?

Alan: Well, they're the only reason I haven't called the press and broken the story.

Phillip: I need that money to fix this. And I know that you can release it with a phone call. Here's your chance to be a hero.

Alan: I don't want to be a hero.

Phillip: Well, you always want something. What do you want?

Alan: I just want my family to be here with me.

Phillip: Playing by your rules.

Alan: Well, if they did, they'd all be happier.

Alan: Well, you are a different person now. Maybe that bullet was the best thing that ever happened to you. You're welcome.

Phillip: Don't tempt me to return the favor.

Daisy: Yeah, right, he's good. I know he's a Spaulding. You didn't say I couldn't hang out with him.

Buzz: I didn't say you could.

Daisy: Want to stop me?

Buzz: No, no. This is where this comes in... I love you.

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