GL Best Lines Wednesday 5/13/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Wednesday 5/13/09


Provided By Tanya

Alan: Well, Bill, I hope you appreciate a little jewel like Elizabeth. I hope you enjoy every moment you have with her.

Bill: I do, Alan. You can believe that. I don't take one moment for granted.

Alan: Good, good, I'm glad to hear that because it's all going to be over very soon. And all you'll have are your fond memories of her as you ride off into the sunset.

Lizzie: If he goes riding off, I will be with him. Nothing can separate us now, Granddad.

Alan: Well, he won't need any assistance to separate. He'll do it all himself.

Bill: Oh, Alan. Winning you over is going to be my top goal once I join this family. We will bond. I promise you that.

Phillip: What is it that you have against Bill?

James: I don't have anything against Bill.

Phillip: Well, you just set him up to take the fall for this little enterprise of yours.

James: It's not like I intended for it to blow up. I was just trying to make some money.

Phillip: Right. And now you owe more than you could ever possibly pay back. Or no, excuse me, that's my mistake. Bill owes it.

James: I just needed a name to get people interested, okay. And he was Lizzie’s loser ex-boyfriend at the time, I didn't think she'd care. I actually thought she'd laugh.

Phillip: Oh, well, I seriously doubt that it's going to happen that way.

James: It was a name. That's all.

Phillip: Oh, you put it that way, it sounds so simple.

James: Maybe I should've us

Ashlee: Hey, Lizzie, I'm here for my appointment.

Lizzie: Since when do you... are you "One-Dress Weddings"?

Ashlee: I am. Yeah, I mean, I'm not, not me personally, but it's the new business that I started.

Lizzie: Oh, since when are you in the wedding planning business?

Ashlee: Well, since Dinah cut back my hours at the TV station.

Bill: Dinah, real woman of the people.

Lizzie: Yeah.

Ashlee: Well, she took a pay cut, too. And don't feel so badly, it just I need a second job.

Lizzie: Okay... well, how much do you actually know about wedding planning. I mean, last I heard, you were planning on being a roving reporter. That's what she told me.

Ashlee: Well, you see, I don't know why I couldn't do them both. I mean, a lot of people have more than one job. I mean, I know that I'm new at this, but I have been a student of all things bridal for, like, years. And I think I could do a really good job for you guys.

Lizzie: Ashlee, the last time you were at a Spaulding wedding, you shot my grandfather.

Ashlee: I was hoping you wouldn't hold that against me.

Bill: Hold it against you? Are you kidding me? You are hired. (Laughter) Yes, absolutely.

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