GL Best Lines Monday 5/11/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Monday 5/11/09


Provided By Tanya

Jeffrey: You know, I like you, Josh, but sometimes I just want to strangle you.

Josh: Can we stop with that, please, with the fighting thing. This is not grade school. We're not fighting over the girl with the big blue eyes.

Reva: Hey, come on! Guys, whatever this is about, whatever you're fighting about has to stop now, you crazy idiots.

Josh: How you doing, blue eyes? Nice to see you.

Reva: Are you out of your mind?

Josh: Yeah, I think I am!

Jeffrey: Let him go. Let him go. He'll come to his senses.

Reva: He gets like this, and he gets emotional when it comes to me and the kids.

Jeffrey: You don't say?

Reva: Joshua Lewis, you get back here so we can deal with this before it gets bigger than it has to be.

Natalia: Okay. World's top hotels, resorts and spas?

Olivia: Uh-huh. I thought we'd just go from place to place and check it all out.

Natalia: There are so many of them.

Olivia: I know.

Natalia: So we'd be gone for like years and years and years, and never go back Springfield.

Olivia: Yes. And Emma will be all grown, and she'd be able to understand things a little bit better. And the people we felt the need to explain ourselves to would be dead, so we really wouldn't have to talk to a lot of people.

Natalia: Yeah. And plus, we'd be so gorgeous.

Olivia: Yes!

Natalia: Our skin would be glowing from all of the spa treatments.

Olivia: Yes.

Jeffrey: What am I talking about? I think asking Josh to help us and to be a part of our lives is unfair to Josh. And I think that... you know, I think that you can't really have Reva in your life halfway.

Reva: That is ridiculous.

Josh: No. No, it's not. He's right. I can't be there for you part-time, Reva, okay? Not after everything we've shared.

Reva: But you are in my life. We have kids together. We live in the same town together! We have history together!

Jeffrey: Which is why your first instinct is to run to Josh. You encourage him. Maybe you're the one who can't let go, Reva.

Matt: You need a break.

Josh: I've been told.

Matt: You need a woman.

Josh: No, I don’t. Women are my downfall. They make me crazy. Reva makes me crazy. And if it's someone else and Reva’s still around, and that makes me crazy.

Matt: Maybe you should try staying away from Reva and her family and friends. It might help.

Josh: I'd have to move.

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