GL Best Lines Thursday 5/7/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Thursday 5/7/09


Provided By Tanya

James: No. I think that you're wasting your time evaluating him, or whatever it is you're supposed to be doing. My dad's the sanest person I know.

Doctor: I'm not quite following you. I thought you were reporting him for bad behavior.

James: My dad knew our family needed help. He got himself out of here and made it all the way to Florida to take care of us. He's done some bad stuff in the past, but, I mean, who hasnít. The truth is I... we need him to come home.

Doctor: James, I've been working with your dad for quite some time...

James: No one in my family will ever be completely normal-- whatever that means. I mean, he never even had a chance, being raised by my granddad, but he wants my sisters and my brother and me to have a good life, and that makes him a good guy, right?

Bill: Well, you're worried about your dad. I think that's pretty normal.

Lizzie: No, it's not normal.

Bill: Huh?

Lizzie: It's not normal for your grandfather to put your father in a mental institution just so he can keep his place at the head of the table.

Bill: I think it's more common than you think.

Lizzie: Don't say that?

Bill: Look, do you really want your dad out and about?

Lizzie: I don't know. I think that he deserves a chance. He's done nothing but prove himself since he's been here. I just want everybody to be as happy as we are.

Bill: (Laughing) Oh, baby, that ain't going to happen! 

Doctor: She missed out because you left her and her mother to come back here to deal with your family.

Phillip: I thought I could fix things here and get back to them before any permanent damage was done. It just didn't work out that way. And Lizzie was the one that suffered the most because of it.

Doctor: I see. So this was your way of making up for the past?

Phillip: I don't think you can do that. I just want her to have a good future.  

Alan: I need aspirin, not alcohol, Bill.

Bill: Hilda!

Alan: No. I've given her the day off. Look, I'll get it myself, all right.

Lizzie: Wait, wait, wait. I have some in here.

Alan: Really?

Lizzie: There you go.

Alan: Hmmm...

Lizzie: What are you doing?

Alan: Just checking, that's all.

Lizzie: Do you think I'm going to poison you?

Alan: Well, I'm not having a good day. Anything could happen.

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