GL Best Lines Monday 5/4/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Monday 5/4/09


Provided By Tanya

Billy: Hey, darling, I've been trying to get a hold of Bill. You guys must be whooping it up down there in Florida. He hasn't returned my calls.

Lizzie: Um... he's a little busy.

Billy: Are you okay? You sound a little different.

Lizzie: I am. I'm engaged. Okay, I had had to tell someone. Bill and I are getting married.

Billy: ( Laughs ) It's about time!

Phillip: You know, it's a little tough to play theme park games when you're in a straightjacket. You know, maybe James was right. Maybe we would all be a lot better off without you here.

Alan: James said that?

Phillip: I just want this family to be happy. And, you know, sometimes, for a few minutes, I think we can be. And then I realize, no, there's too much damage done that's been done. Maybe the only way for us to move on is if we can find a way to erase the unhappiness of the past.

Remy: It is not fair, you leaving before I try to make it up to you.

Christina: Okay. Go ahead.

Remy: Christina... um...

Christina: That's all you've got?

Remy: I don't want to say something that'll piss you off again.

Christina: Well, say something.

Remy: Your smile brightens the room. Look, I came down here and dropped everything because I wanted to make sure you're okay. Now, I know you can take care of yourself, but I needed to be here. I like taking care of you. How's that?

Christina: That's pretty good. Keep going.

Remy: Okay. And you're hard to keep up with, but I love trying. And our relationship has nothing but surprises, and that's fun. See, we're fun together, me and you.

Daisy: You had better be nice to me. You just sent me off with your grandfather.

James: He was as scared as you were.

Daisy: He better be.

James: Isn't this just like most family vacations? Take a few crappy pictures, buy get some corny souvenirs, and then Dad tries to off a Granddad.

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