GL Best Lines Thursday 4/30/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Thursday 4/30/09


Provided By Tanya

Bill: So what do you think?

Phillip: I think you know my daughter very well. She's going to love it. What do you need from me?

Bill: If you could just keep Alan away from the Sinbad Show so he doesn't ruin the surprise.

Phillip: Yeah, I can do that.

Bill: Yeah? That would be great. That would be great. And I apologize for sticking you with babysitting your dad.

Phillip: That's all right. I'm used to it. I'm just glad my daughter found somebody that loves her as much as you do.


Doris: Look, I understand. I mean, obviously you were the last to know, but you know what? Man up and move on. You're going to be fine, Frank.

Frank: What are you talking about?

Doris: Natalia.

Frank: Look, I'm not finished with Natalia. It's only been a year and change since she lost Gus, and you know what? She... she just wasn't ready.

Doris: Oh, Natalia told you she didn't marry you because of Gus?

Frank: No, Olivia did.

Doris: Oh, Olivia did? You know what? I can't do this anymore. You've got to wake up, Detective. Your ex-fiancé, she has the hots for Olivia.


Lizzie: Is that the treasure chest from the show?

Bill: In case you want a souvenir.

Lizzie: You thought of everything. You are amazing.

Bill: Well, it's my job, right? Fight the monsters, get the treasure, rescue the girl.

Lizzie: You really did, you know that? You really did rescue me.

Bill: You saved me, too.


Lizzie: This is the most romantic thing that's ever happened to me.

Bill: Well, then, if I thought making love to you in a garden would make you so happy I would...

Lizzie: No, it's you. It's us. This time together. When you came back you promised me that it was just going to be us. And you kept that promise. You kept the outside world from hurting us. I never thought I was going to find everything I was ever looking for in just one person.

Bill: You know, the night when I got back into Springfield, you were running into my arms, and I was just holding you there, I just knew. I just knew right there you were just everything I needed. And I really want to be everything for you.

Lizzie: Is it going to be like this forever?

Bill: We are going to have our ups and downs, I'm sure, right? But I can promise you this-- I'm always going to feel this way. Because I don't want to imagine my life living without you.

Lizzie: No. You don't have to.

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