GL Best Lines Friday 4/24/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Friday 4/24/09


Provided By Tanya

Sister Angelica: Lara died, but her baby lived. I took care of him myself.

Dinah: Oh, my God. How could that be?

Sister Angelica: That baby you took home was Lara’s. We never knew who the father was.

Dinah: Do you have any proof whatsoever that this ridiculous story is true? How do you even know Lara?

Sister Angelica: She did volunteer work at the orphanage when she was first assigned here. We got close.

Dinah: If you knew her, how did she die?

Sister Angelica: In the mine field. They called me the day of the accident.

Dinah: You saw her with the baby?

Sister Angelica: When I got to the clinic, Lara was already dead, and then I heard baby crying. The doctors had just delivered healthy, little boy. They put him into my arms.

Dinah: Why didn't you contact anyone?

Sister Angelica: We didn't know Lara’s family. She was very private.

Dinah: So the baby, then, ended up at your orphanage?

Sister Angelica: We loved him. We took good care of him.

Dinah: How do I know you're telling me the truth? You're a Sister Angelica. Sister Angelica's aren't supposed to lie, but you know what? This whole thing seems a little too convenient. We take a baby and we put it in a loving home, and suddenly there are all these coincidences? It doesn't really make sense.


Natalia: Oh, there's Alan.

Olivia: Ooh! Check! All right... that’s...

Alan: Um, I just saw Emma leave with some complete strangers, people I didn't know.

Olivia: She just wanders off, doesn't she? No, she... she... I know who she's with, Alan. It's not a big deal.

Alan: Isn't this a school night?

Olivia: I'm sorry, I forgot to call and get your permission, didn't I?

Alan: So you just let her disappear with these people?

Olivia: Alan, I really... the people that she's with, I know. I don't let her go off with just anybody.

Alan: Yeah, but it's a scary world out there. You know, the wrong kind of people could influence her and take her to unknown places.

Olivia: It's okay.


Buzz: How is it with you two?

Frank: Well, as you well know, we didn't make it past the altar, but, I've got to tell you, Pop, we still feel like a family, and we fit together. And I just have this feeling that it's just a matter of time, that's all.

Buzz: Frank, I'm impressed. A lesser man would have given up.

Frank: Natalia's worth it, Pop.

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