GL Best Lines Thursday 4/23/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Thursday 4/23/09


Provided By Tanya

Natalia: No, you listen. I've listened, now it's your turn to listen. When I told you I loved you, I blurted it. I did, I know. But I guess that's what happens sometimes with the truth. It just comes out. But I'm not that naive. I know what it meant when I said that I loved you. And maybe I stuffed it down so long that it just didn't even really exist for me. I even came close to marrying a man, maybe because I didn't want to face it, I didn't want to say it. But when I did say it out loud to you, I knew exactly what I was saying. I know what it means to tell someone that you love them.

Olivia: You're not ready.

Natalia: And you are?

Olivia: I don't know. I don't know. Maybe not. But I don't have the baggage that you have.

Natalia: Baggage? You mean Frank?

Olivia: No, I'm not talking about Frank. I'm talking about Rafe, I'm talking about Emma, I'm talking about your religion.

Natalia: My religion is about love.

Olivia: Really? This kind of love? You're not ready.


Marina: Okay, look, I understand that there were glitches in our adoption process. But please, you saw that baby. You saw he is happy and he is healthy. And by taking him away from us, are you really protecting him? Look, I know that this is a really difficult judgment call. Remember, as I said, I'm a cop. I have to make these judgment calls on a daily basis. I understand. That's all I'm asking, just a judgment call.

Clarice: If you won't leave, I'll call security.

Marina: Drugs? Are you using on the job?

Clarice: You just put that there.

Marina: Oh, Clarice, this isn't good. Drugs? Around children? Wow. This is quite a judgment call, isn't it? What do you think I should do?


Natalia: No, wait, wait, wait. I do need something from you.

Olivia: Anything. You can ask me anything.

Natalia: Would you come inside with me? Please?

Emma: Let's go.

Olivia: Let's go. Natalia, what are we doing here?

Natalia: We're being together.

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