GL Best Lines Wednesday 4/22/09

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 4/22/09


Provided By Tanya

Frank: That was corrections. They moved up Rafe's reporting time at the halfway house.

Buzz: I thought he had another couple of days.

Frank: Oh, he had a couple of days, absolutely. If he was attending a family celebration. I've got to go, Pop. I'll see you later. Are you going to be okay here?

Buzz: Yeah. I've got a waitress.

Frank: All right. Oh, um...

Buzz: Yeah?

Frank: I... I should go report to Natalia this news.

Buzz: Hey, Frank, I know it's none of my business, but, um, isn't this something better handled by phone?

Frank: What, do you think I'm using this as an excuse to go see Natalia?

Buzz: Well...

Frank: All right, Pop, I thought about it, okay. I know, it's too soon and all that but if I just pick up the phone and call her right now, I'd be sending her the wrong message.

Buzz: What message, Frank?

Frank: That I don't care anymore and that I stopped trying. But I haven’t.

Natalia: I'm sorry that I'm making you feel uncomfortable.

Olivia: This isn't about me. It's about you. Why are you doing this to yourself?

Natalia: Why are you being like this?

Olivia: Being realistic.

Natalia: No. You're being cold, mean, almost, and I don't get it. I'm trying to be positive in front of Emma, so that she doesn't see any of this. But you have no idea what it's like. I can't sleep. My head, I can't think straight for more than a second at a time. Everything is just a jumble. But I know one thing. One thing is very clear to me.

Olivia: And what's that?

Natalia: I couldn't say those vows to Frank because... I love Frank. He's a wonderful person. But saying those things to him would have been a big lie. And leaving him there, standing at that church, was only the second hardest thing I had to do that day.

Olivia: What was the first?

Natalia: Telling you that I loved you.

Shayne: The night after Lara and I left the restaurant we met at, we walked to this spot.

Dinah: Aww. Is that when you knew you liked her?

Shayne: No. No. It was when I was talking to her that I realized I liked her.

Dinah: Uh oh, we talked a lot when we first met. ( Laughs )

Shayne: No, we didn’t. No, no. You talked a lot, and, yeah, I hated you for it.

Dinah: Oh! You weren't exactly Mr. Charm yourself.

Shayne: Yes, I was.

Dinah: No.

Shayne: Yes, I was. No, I wasn’t. No. I was a rude dude.

Dinah: Yes, you were.

Shayne: I'm sorry. I grew on you.

Dinah: I think we grew on each other.

Shayne: Any girl that can roast marshmallows with me at a fire that we just set together, I guess that's the girl for me.

Dinah: You're a sweet-talker.

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