GL Best Lines Tuesday 4/14/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Tuesday 4/14/09


Provided By Tanya

Buzz: Frank, are you happy?

Frank: Are you kidding me? I'm smiling when I'm chasing down criminals now. So does that answer your question?

Buzz: Yeah, I guess so.

Edmund: Yeah. Shayne was my last link to Lara, and I was prepared to love him like a son, and he lied to me.

Reva: Well, he defended you. He did. He understood your pain.

Edmund: He understood my pain?

Reva: Yes.

Edmund: Do you want to know what pain is, Reva? Do you want to know? Because I'm going to show you. I'm going to show you what it's like to lose a child, but you're going to get off easy because I lost two, my daughter and my grandchild, were killed by your incompetent hero son. Shayne, Reva, is nothing but a murderer.

Olivia: Hi. You know I blame you, right? I mean, you gave me this gift, this heart, and it was open and generous. And suddenly it's like I could feel everything you ever felt for her. So thanks a lot. But now I have this great, big love, and I have no idea what to do with. You remember how Natalia and I used to fight all the time? Well, you know what? We're a family now. We're a real, honest, thank goodness family. And Emma, oh, my gosh. She is so happy. She is so happy. She just glows. You know something? It's funny because I have been through breakups and divorces and all kinds of failures, but loving Natalia and letting her go so that she can have a great life -- I think that might be just the one thing that I've done right. You know, I promised the doctors I would take such good care of this heart. But I swear to you, based on how I'm feeling right now, I think I've broken it.

Frank: Excuse me. If you have something to say, say it.

Buzz: Frank, how much do you love this woman?

Frank: What kind of question is that? I love her with all of my heart.

Buzz: Do you love her enough to let her go?

Olivia: You know, when I was sick, you pretended to love me so that I would keep on fighting. But I knew, I knew your heart belonged to her, and now I know why. Oh, and I used to make fun of her all the time, her goodness and her faith. She was like some eternally chipper Mary Poppins. Truth is, I envied her. And now she's going to get married. And I'm going to stand there, and I'm going to watch her walk away from me forever. But you know what? That's okay. That's okay, because I have finally learned how to put someone else first. And I learned that with her. So you see, Gus, I am trying to believe in something bigger. In a love that would have me walk away from the one person that I would give anything to keep.

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