GL Best Lines Friday 4/10/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Friday 4/10/09


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James: Why did I spring my dad from jail? I don't know, you gave me life.

Phillip: Yeah, and then missed most of it. Hey, don't get me wrong, I'm grateful, I think. But I'm no fool.

James: Maybe I wanted you free and clear when I thanked you.

Phillip: For what?

James: What you said, dropping out of my life, leaving it up to Mom and a few boarding schools to raise me. Thanks to you not being there, I may be the only member of this family that isn't screwed up.

Reva: I, I'm fine. No, they're at home now, but they're all fine. But you should drop in on them anyway. Because I don't think the webcam is telling the entire truth. So what are you and Dinah going to do today?

Shayne: Mom.

Reva: What? It's just I'm fascinated.

Shayne: Fascinated?

Reva: Um-hmm.

Shayne: You're fascinated.

Reva: Yes.

Shayne: No. You want all of the details, is what you want.

Reva: Well, yes. I'm your mother. I should know the details.

Shayne: Well, there are some things a man shouldn't be telling his mother.

Reva: Really? Even a really super cool mother?

Shayne: No one's that cool.

Edmund: I packed my bags to leave town today, Dinah, and didnít.

Dinah: Well, then, you know what? I'll tell you something: I think maybe you should go and do that. I think you should go and start over. Go somewhere and start over. You have honored Laraís memory here. If it is too painful to stay, then you should go.

Edmund: But you know, it's so much easier just to lash out and leave, Dinah, than to stay and forgive. We both know that. I am, I am trying to forgive, I am.

Dinah: I know you are. You know what? It was an accident. And if you were there when I found Shayne in Europe. He was wracked, he had been carrying that guilt around with him for months.

Edmund: I just have one question for you, Dinah: Why didn't you want me to tell Shayne that Lara was pregnant when she died?

Dinah: I was afraid it would be too much for him to deal with.

Edmund: Is that it? Is that it? Or was it that you were afraid Shayne would tell me how Lara died, and then I would be too much for Shayne to deal with? You know what, Dinah? Maybe you were right to be afraid. You knew Shayne killed my daughter. You knew it, Dinah. You knew it all along. Let's see, who else? Josh? Of course. Reva? Sure.

Dinah: Shayne only told me.

Edmund: (Laughs) I brought her to the hospital, Dinah. I prayed for her baby, and she knew that Shayne killed my daughter.

Reva: I could have lost you in so many other ways. But I know what it's like, I do. I know what it is like to just one day be living in this sunny little neighborhood, and then the next, something happens and life moves you to a new place. A place that is so dark that you don't want to stay. And that's when some people do take their lives, they do. They end it. And there are others who unpack, and they learn their way around, but they just get by, you know? They never get out! I missed raising you. But if I hadn't found my home, I may have missed ever really getting to know you. Now you have Dinah, and you have the rest of us. But to get out of that dark place that you were in, you have to do the hard work, and you did it, Shayne. You do it. You had the courage to move out, and now comes the best part.

Shayne: What's that?

Reva: You know you've been back for months. But today you finally came home. Welcome back to our sunny little neighborhood. (Laughs)

James: Excuse me. I'd like to introduce everyone to my date, Daisy Lemay.

Lizzie: This is the girl from school?

Alan: She tried to shoot me, so she is not welcome. You should leave.

Phillip: You did shoot me, and she is extremely welcome and staying.

Bill: Well, I vote she stays.

Lizzie: I vote yes.

Alan: I vote no.

Phillip: Of course you're welcome. You're not going to throw up, are you?

Daisy: I can't make any promises.

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