GL Best Lines Wednesday 4/8/09

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 4/8/09


Provided By Tanya

Daisy: I can't believe you're here. Get off of our property!

Alan: It's only your property because I gave it back.

Daisy: Oh, you did not. Phillip gave it back to Marina.

Alan: Yes, well, Phillip’s in prison now. So you can get me a cup of black coffee.

Daisy: There you go. That will be $20.

Alan: $20? Tell me, where did you find this new attitude and way of talking? From that degenerate, Grady Foley?

Daisy: Don't come back, or I will poison your food.


Beth: Bill, is Lizzie there with you?

Bill: Yes. She's right here. Do you want to talk to her?

Beth: No, no, no, no, no. I need your help. And don't mention any of this to Lizzie. I'm worried about her and her father's relationship. Can you meet me at Towers in 15 minutes?

Bill: Seriously?

Beth: Yes, seriously.

Bill: That was your crazy mom. She is worried about you and your relationship with your dad, and she wants me to help her with something, and I'm not supposed to tell you. Do not ask me why, but that is how your crazy family works. Everything is a secret.

Lizzie: I know. Tell me about it.


Remy: I don’t... I don't want any cake.

Mel: I did not make it. Mom made it, all right. I just frosted it.

Remy: In that case, I'll have some. If you wipe the frosting off. ( Laughter )


Phillip: Wow, bribing the judge. That's sort of old-fashioned and kind of heartwarming.

Alan: Well, there is nothing like a bag full of money to help you get what you want.

Phillip: Well, you got what you wanted. Although, I guess I should be grateful. The last time you wanted me gone, you shot me. This time you just locked me up.

Alan: Phillip, I think you know how much you mean to me, and how much I love you, son. I'm thrilled to have you back. But when you... when you first got back, I started realizing that you were not well. So I created a situation where you could recover and be safe.

Phillip: You know, I... I thought I had really learned so much from you, but I'm just a rank amateur.

Alan: Well, you know, if you would have spent more time with me and not fought me as much; spent more time at my knee; learned a few things; you may have won this round.

Phillip: Do you think we'll ever quit playing this terrible game we play with each other?

Alan: Do you want to quit?

Phillip: It's all we've ever known, and I'm not sure we know how.

Alan: You know, it's very sad for me to see you in this place, Phillip. Because I always thought that I created my equal.

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