GL Best Lines Monday 4/6/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Monday 4/6/09


Provided By Tanya

Phillip: Who are you inviting?

Beth: Everyone that can come. Like my mother, and Alex, and Emma with Olivia, of course.

Phillip: Good luck with that.

Beth: Lizzie and James...

Phillip: Bill?

Beth: Bill. Hmm, Bill. Let's see. Having Bill at a family dinner would annoy Alan.

Phillip: Mm-hmm. Bill.

Beth: Yeah, Bill.


Phillip: How are the kids?

Blake: How do you think they are? You killed their father.

Phillip: I... I made a lot of mistakes in my life, but I never would have done anything to hurt Ross. I loved him.

Blake: Why didn't you come home, then? You knew they were looking for you. Phillip, why did you let Ross risk his life for you?

Phillip: No. It didn't matter. I'm sorry.

Blake: I hate that you're alive and he's dead.

Phillip: I don't blame you.

Blake: When they hand that verdict down, I hope you rot in jail for the rest of your life.


Phillip: Quite a show, Alan.

Alan: Well, Phillip, I like to share my good fortune. It's not every day you stumble over $1 million.

Phillip: I guess money really does grow on trees around here.

Alan: You know, son, I taught you many things, but I never taught you to know when you're beaten.

Phillip: I didn't know we were having a battle.

Alan: Well, I guess it's kind of a father/son thing.

Phillip: We're just an average, all-American family.

Alan: No, we're not that different than most families. Our stakes are higher. $1 million.

Phillip: That's just money.

Alan: Money that was supposed to have been Grady Foley’s. But you made sure he didn't need it, and you got Elizabeth to lie for you. Phillip, I protected her while you were gone, and now that you are back, you are not going to hurt my little girl.

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