GL Best Lines Wednesday 3/25/09

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 3/25/09


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Dinah: Why are you being so difficult, Frank?

Frank: I'm not being difficult, Dinah! I just told you you're free to go. Shayne, get her out of here!

Shayne: I think we should go.

Dinah: I want to be arrested for the kidnapping of Lizzie Spaulding.

Frank: Well, guess what? It just doesn't work that way, Dinah. Okay. You can't be arrested just because you want to be arrested.

Dinah: Then I demand to be arrested right this minute so I can pay for what I did! The sooner I start paying, the sooner I'm finished.

Shayne: When you think about it, it makes sense, Frank.

Frank: There needs to be an investigation!

Dinah: Arrest me! Arrest me!

Frank: Shayne, Shayne, get her out of here now.

Shayne: Do you think I could do anything about this?

Dinah: Let's see what the S.P.D. is about, Frank. I don't think anybody's going to...! Arrest me!

Frank: Dinah! Diaz, get in here! I want you to arrest Dinah Marler for disturbing the peace.

Dinah: Thank you, Frank. I don't think you will regret it.

Frank: I'm already regretting it.

Jeffrey: You need to talk to your mom?

Shayne: No. No offense. But I'm actually here for you. Um... Dinah needs a lawyer.

Jeffrey: Ah, sorry. I'm baby-sitting.

Reva: Um, what's going on?

Shayne: Turns out that she was slightly involved with Lizzie’s kidnapping.

Reva: Oh, Shayne. I am so sorry. But you're grounded. You can't play with Dinah anymore. ( Laughs )

Shayne: Fair enough.

Lizzie: What if Hilda’s right? Nothing is ever simple when Dinah is involved. No matter how angry you are at her, you're going to go in there and see Dinah behind bars, and you're going to remember that you love her because she's your sister.

Bill: Okay.

Lizzie: And you're going to want to protect her because that is what brothers do.

Bill: You don't think I can keep us safe until I build that moat, is that it?

Lizzie: Do you have a white horse and a suit of armor?

Bill: I got a dog and a credit card.

Lizzie: My hero. I feel better already.

Reva: Yeah. Yeah. Why don't you cook for me anymore?

Jeffrey: Well, I would, but I only have three recipes, and I used them all up. So it's much easier just to call for Chinese.

Reva: ( Laughs ) Uh-huh, uh-huh.

Jeffrey: You don't cook for me, either.

Reva: That's because I want you to keep on loving me.

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