GL Best Lines Monday 3/23/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Monday 3/23/09


Provided By Tanya

Phillip: Hey. How are you feeling after Dinah’s party?

Lizzie: I'm mad. But, I don't know. I guess I'm better than Dinah. I didn't just find out my own brother hates my guts.

Phillip: This is going to be difficult for them. They were very close.

Lizzie: Yeah. Well, it won't be too hard for Bill. Because he has me. We have each other. And that just makes everything else much less important.

Phillip: Everything?

Lizzie: When Bill and I decided to get back together, we realized that nothing on the outside can compete with what we have. So we decided not to let it.

Phillip: If you can make that work, you'll be so much further along than I was at your age.

Daisy: Wait. Wait. Do we have to tell them?

Buzz: That we couldn't find Grady?

Daisy: Ah, no. That I shot at Alan.

Buzz: Is Alan dead?

Daisy: No.

Buzz: Nothing to tell. We do have to go in.

Daisy: I wish you hadn't stopped me. Because the Spaulding’s are just going to keep hurting us unless we put an end to it.

Buzz: Sometimes the only way to let it go is to let it go.

Daisy: I thought you said you couldn't let it go?

Buzz: I can try. I promised somebody.

Daisy: I don't think I want to.

Shayne: Dinah, give me your hand. Come on, I've got you.

Dinah: I'm not going to jump, you moron.

Shayne: You're not?

Dinah: No.

Shayne: What are you doing sitting on the edge of a building then?

Dinah: Taking a look at the city, enjoying it, clearing my head.

Shayne: Right.

Dinah: Figuring out what to do next!

Shayne: No, no. I get it. On the edge of a building.

Dinah: Yeah. I found you up here once, didn't I?

Shayne: Yes, you did. I was going to jump.

Dinah: You're much more of a drama queen than I am.

Phillip: Who missed?

Alan: Who missed? Well, I'm glad to see that you're amused by all of this.

Phillip: What happened?

Alan: Well, as a matter of fact your former stepdaughter, Daisy, barreled in here with a loaded pistol and threatened to shoot my kneecaps off if I didn't tell her where Grady Foley was.

Phillip: Aimed a little high for your kneecaps.

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