GL Best Lines Monday 3/16/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Monday 3/16/09


Provided By Tanya

Olivia: Okay. So I locked my gun up in a very safe place

Natalia: Did you take the bullets out?

Olivia: Yes. It's never loaded. Only at the shooting range.

Natalia: I still don't like it. I don't even want to know where it is because I'll be tempted to get rid of it.

Olivia: Or shoot me?

Natalia: That, too.

Natalia: She's a wonderful little girl, happy, smart. She knows you're home, and she really wants to see you.

Phillip: I would love that. How can we make that happen?

Natalia: We can’t. I urged Olivia, when you first got back to town, to let Emma develop a relationship with you. But Olivia is terrified because of everything that happened.

Phillip: That's understandable.

Natalia: And Emma went missing earlier today. She's okay. But for a while there, we both thought that you had taken her. I have never been that scared. And I got it. I finally understood why Olivia doesn't want you to have anything to do with your own daughter. I'm not saying that it can't happen. But I'm telling you, if you don't give this some time and prove yourself, it will never happen.

Phillip: I appreciate your candor.

Natalia: I don't want to make anything more difficult. I just... I would like for Emma to have as uncomplicated a childhood as she possibly can.

Phillip: So would I. I love her very much.

Natalia: I love them both.

Doris: Mr. Spaulding, everyone in town is concerned about your whereabouts these days. In fact, I'm spending so much time talking about your trial that I have very little time to run Springfield.

Phillip: Well, I don't want you to be distracted. So what do you say we move it up as soon as we can?

Doris: I'm just a lowly public servant. I don't have any power to manipulate the court system.

Phillip: I think you underestimate your influence.

Doris: And I think you overestimate yours.

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