GL Best Lines Thursday 3/12/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Thursday 3/12/09


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Shayne: Good morning, Dad. Listen, I'm not having a good one, okay? I'm not in the mood for the father-son heart-to-heart chit-chat, fix my life thing right now.

Josh: Well, thank God for that. Because you know what? Neither am I. Look, you know what? We got to cut through the crap and we got to think about something else here. Because this situation between the two of us is not working out at all. We're not friends. We're not business partners. I'm not your coach. I'm not your minister. I don't want to be any of those things. I just want to be your dad.

Shayne: Okay.

Josh: Okay. Moving on then, here's the deal: I won't talk to you about Lara. I won't talk to you about the accident or Edmund or anything else that needs to be solved. We're just going to be two guys from the same family who just happen to be hanging out, okay?

Shayne: What did you do with my father?


Janice: For some women, contractions can be more comfortable on your side. Others prefer to walk until the final stages of labor. And some patients find that a warm shower can be helpful.

Reva: Are there actually showers in the birthing room?

Jeffrey: This is ridiculous. That's a ridiculous thing to ask.

Reva: Well, no, actually, honey, it's not. I mean, I would be the one that's in labor, right? So if I want to take a shower, I will. Or if I want to take a walk on a treadmill, I'll do exactly that, because the decision is up to me as far as how this baby actually comes into the world.

Janice: It is important to make sure that your wife is comfortable.

Reva: Yeah.

Jeffrey: I need some air.


Josh: Oh, man. Oh!

Shayne: You could do better.

Josh: No. I'm done. I'm done, really. We should have stayed back and watched Super Bowl III.

Shayne: What do you mean you're done?

Josh: ( Laughs ) I'm sorry.

Shayne: You're turning into my old man right before my eyes.

Josh: Hey, hey, hey. I was a minister for a year-and-a-half. Okay. I didn't have a lot of time to go to the gym.

Shayne: Oh.

Josh: I had a higher calling.

Shayne: Oh, that's right. That's right. So, I think we need to get you back into shape there. I'm going to need to drag you to physical therapy with me. Christina is real good. She's cute, too.

Josh: Of course she's cute. She's what, 20 years old.

Shayne: You know what? You're right. She's too young for you.

Josh: ( Laughs )


Alan: I sent Elizabeth to talk with Mr. Foley and make him a deal he couldn't refuse.

Phillip: You sent Lizzie to deal with her kidnapper?

Alan: Phillip, while you've been gone all of these years, I have been watching Elizabeth. I can assure you, she can handle any situation.

Phillip: You sent my daughter to deal with the man who had tormented her?

Alan: I know how to deal with Grady Foley.

Phillip: Grady Foley has been dealt with. He'll never hurt Lizzie again, and neither will you.

Alan: Wait a minute. What do you mean?

Phillip: There is nothing that I will not do to protect my children. I know that now. Don't you ever hurt her again.

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